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Big Decisions Every New Mum Must Make

Category: Birth & Beyond

Should my baby sleep in my bed? Should I give him a pacifier or not? Here’s what you need to know to make some key choices regarding your newborn. Read more...

Experts Say - Baby eating but refusing milk from bottle

Category: Newborns

I started my seven-month-old son on solids a couple of months ago. He loves eating food and wants to eat everything that I provide. However, he now refuses to drink anything at all from a bottle or toddler cup. Luckily, he still drinks from the breast a few times a day, but I’m worried that this isn’t enough. He doesn’t have any problems with constipation, so am I worrying unduly? Read more...

Experts Say - DHA & nutrients in milk powder

Category: Newborns

  My friends keep comparing on the different levels of DHA in milk powder. Is more DHA better for baby’s brain development? What about other nutrients like leutin, AA? Read more...