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Find the Right Breastfeeding Tools

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Get your hands on these tools and get the help you need begin your breastfeeding journey.

20 Things that Change when you have a Baby

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Besides the constant diaper changes and milk feeds, here’s what you can look forward to when baby’s here.

Make Room for Baby

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You’re pregnant! It’s time to change that entertainment room into a nursery. So what’s first on the list?

Baby, It’s Time!

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After 40 long weeks, you’re in labour! What are you really in for?

Recovery from a C-section

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Recovering from a caesarean section can take up to eight weeks. Here’s what to expect and how to cope with recovery.

Myths about Breastfeeding

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You’ve probably received loads of advice on breastfeeding but how do you separate the truths from the myths?

Breastfeeding and Your Diet

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Now that you’ve given birth, you're not finished eating for two quite yet — here's how to get the right nutrition to provide your baby with a liquid lunch and everything in between.

Breastfeeding Basics

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As a new mother, you may wonder, doesn’t breastfeeding come naturally? Isn’t it instinctive… or a learnt skill? MH explores this, offers tips on latching your baby and lays out the basics of breastfeeding.

Oral Care During Pregnancy

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Get some good oral hygiene tips right here.

Knowing When Not to Travel When Pregnant

Category: Pregnancy ( 0 Votes )  838 Hits

While travelling during your pregnancy is usually safe for mums with uncomplicated pregnancies, certain symptoms and problems may force you to put your travel plans on hold.

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