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I’m So Tired!

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Littlies aren’t the only ones who have trouble sleeping during their first year. Parents, too, can experience disrupted sleep cycles and messed-up circadian rhythms in bub’s first 12 months. Don’t let a lack of zzzzzs get you down.

Hush Now, Baby

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A newborn baby spends around 16 and a half hours a day asleep so it makes perfect sense to spend on a good baby cot – one that is going to last.

Improve Your Memory Now

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Do you often find yourself experiencing bouts of forgetfulness? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. MH gives you some tips on what you can do to get it back in shape.

Big Decisions Every New Mum Must Make

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Should my baby sleep in my bed? Should I give him a pacifier or not? Here’s what you need to know to make some key choices regarding your newborn.

Sleeping Better During Pregnancy

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Maybe you find yourself nodding off during the day? Or maybe no matter how much sleep you get it never seems to be enough? Here’s how to sleep better during pregnancy

Sleeping for Two

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MH finds out just how much more important sleep is now that you’re pregnant and the changes to expect.

There’s a Monster Under my Bed!

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Banish those bedtime fears with these simple tips.

Snooze Tips When Travelling

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When it comes to sleep, there’s no place like home. But if you’re planning for a trip, here’s some sound advice for a good night’s sleep for your little one that is.