Pregnancy Complications 101: Excessive Nausea & Fever

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What should you do when you experience these complications during pregnancy?





Excessive Nausea


The bane of pregnant women is the urge to throw up or what is commonly known as “morning sickness”. Nausea and vomiting are nothing unusual.



Normally subsiding by the fourteenth week of pregnancy,

it does not pose a risk to your growing baby.



But if your morning sickness becomes too much, it could possibly signal something serious as it could lead to dizziness and dehydration, and may require a hospital admission to stabilise the condition.




In some studies, fever during the first trimester has been linked to an increase in the risk of cleft palate, heart defects, and neural tube defects while a fever accompanied with muscle aches may be a sign of infection which could pose a risk to your foetus.



When you have a fever, see your doctor early to seek appropriate treatment.



To minimise any risk complications from the flue, it may be advisable to get a flu jab that is pregnancy-safe.

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