Cord Blood Banking: Who can Use It?

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Who can benefit from the use of cord blood?




According to a research study by the Netherlands’ University Medical Center Utrecht, an estimated 1 in 217 people will require a stem cell transplant at some point in their lifetime.

Storing cord blood provides your baby with access to a vast range of possible treatment applications, in the unfortunate event of disease or illnesses in the future. Your baby’s stored cord blood acts as a surefire safety blanket, with a 100 per cent match if the need arises for stem cell transplants.

“It is a guaranteed match for autologous transplants (where the donor and the recipient are the same individuals) with no risk of post-transplant rejection,” explains Dr Li Ming Ming, laboratory director at Cordlife Group Limited, a private cord banking facility in Singapore.

In the event that his or her siblings or family members require stem cell treatments, your baby’s cord blood could also come in handy. Tests will first be run to see if there is a suitable match. Where possible, allogeneic transplants (where donor and recipient are separate individuals) may be carried out. HSC can even be transplanted to correct genetic defects, with siblings or family members.


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