Post-Partum Changes: Vaginal Bleeding

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Here’s what to do if you’re seeing red down there the first few weeks after delivery.




After you give birth, a heavy flow of blood and mucus – called lochia – is normal for up to ten days, followed by light spotting for up to six weeks. This is your body getting rid of everything that was needed for your baby’s nourishment before your delivery.


What you can do

In the six weeks after your delivery, wear only pads rather than tampons, which can introduce bacteria into your still-recovering vagina. If the flow seems heavy enough to raise a red flag – you shouldn’t be going through a thick maxi pad every hour – then see your doctor about it. Lochia should feel and smell like a normal period. If you notice a foul smell or if it looks or feels different, there’s never any harm in consulting your doctor.


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