What You Need to Know: Urinary Tract Infection

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We check with Dr Christelle Tan, specialist in Paediatric Medicine, Raffles Specialist @ RafflesHolland Villageon urinary tract infection.




What it is

This is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract.



Fever, vomiting, foul-smelling urine, crying while passing urine.

Treatment (and ways to help them recover faster)

A course of oral antibiotics will usually treat the infection. Occasionally, for more resistant bacteria, injectable antibiotics may be required. After the infection is treated, further testing will be required to look for any underlying abnormalities in urine flow and scarring as a result of the infection.


When to see the doctor/bring to A&E

Children at this age (0-1) often have fever or vomiting without other symptoms. If your child has a fever with no other symptoms, it is important to see a doctor to discuss the need for a urine test to diagnose a urinary tract infection.



Ensuring good hygiene of the genital area is important. This would include prompt changing of diapers when they are soiled and wiping from front to back to avoid bacteria from the gut or stool contaminating the urethral area during a diaper change for girls. Some children with urine flow abnormalities may require antibiotics or surgery to prevent recurrence of urinary tract infections. These would depend on the results of the investigation and should be discussed directly with your paediatrician.


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