Body Changes During Pregnancy

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With pregnancy, your body changes in more ways than you can imagine. Here’s how you can love your body...curves and all. 


From the moment of conception to the day your little one pops out to see the world, some of the changes you’ll experience are right down sexy; some will be less so, but endearing all the same. Enjoy the journey, mummy-to-be!


Your Hair Becomes Full and Luscious

‘What did you do to your hair?’ is probably a question at the tip of people’s tongues as they cross your pregnant path. Thanks to hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone working in overdrive, pregnant women experience a drastic decrease in hair fall as the growth phase of their follicles gets prolonged. This goes the same for body hair too, so you might find that you might need to epilate or shave more so than before! Still, we say, rock these voluminous tresses while you can, as your postpartum hair will most likely to go back to its previous shedding ways.


Your Skin Takes on a Pretty Glow

Ah, it turns out that the famous ‘pregnancy glow’ is really backed by science: as your body revs up blood circulation to support your growing foetus, your skin enjoys the side effects of a healthy flush as well. Still, change is the name of the game, so soon-to-be mums may find that they might also suffer from other skin issues such as blotchy patches or melasma, no thanks to excess melanin; or scary-looking spider veins that show through the skin. Then, there’s the unappealing problem of dry, flaking skin from dehydration — drink up, mama! — and even rashes. Also common is the linea nigra, which is a dark line that appears right down the middle of the belly (you can blame increased production of melanin for that), as well as the classic stretch marks on the skin of your belly as it expands.


Your Boobs Grow and Grow

Fuller and larger boobs are among the best perks you can look forward to in pregnancy. While they may be hypersensitive and exceptionally tender in the earliest weeks, the soreness quickly fades away from the seventh week of conception or so.



A rise in oestrogen and progesterone levels, as well as prolactin to prep production of breast milk, can mean that boobs grow by a cup size or more.



Blood flow also increases to your breasts, preparing to feed your soon-to-be-born baby. You can expect your nipples to become erect while the areolas enlarge and darken. Plus, leaking of colostrum could occur in the third trimester even before your baby is born, so don’t forget those breast pads! What’s more certain is that you will most likely need to get some bra extenders to accommodate your growing breasts at the very least, or shop for maternity bras. Time to ditch these underwired bras, for now!


… So Does Your Butt

Psst, ever wondered how the expression ‘child-bearing hips’ came about? As your body puts on weight, the buttocks — and mind you, hips too — naturally take on some of the new fat stores you accumulate. If you’ve been swearing off buying maternity clothes during pregnancy, you may find your existing stretchy pants a godsend. These new curves are par for the course, so take them in your stride. If there’s any good time to rock your sexy new figure, this is it!


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