Pregnancy: Through the Trimesters Part III

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Journey with us as we take a look at what goes on in the womb as baby grows in our week-by-week guide.


Week 28
At your prenatal visit this week, your healthcare provider may let you know if your baby is headfirst or in a breech position.

Week 29
The gentle flutters of movement have given way to strong jabs and punches. If you notice a decrease in baby’s movement, get into a sedentary position and do a foetal kick count. Your baby should move at least ten times in two hours.

Week 30
Your baby sleeps most of the time and experiences rapid eye movement (REM)—the sleep stage during which vivid dreams occur!

Week 31
As part of your routine ultrasound, your health care provider will measure your levels of amniotic fluid. Excess fluid in the amniotic sac may indicate that baby is not swallowing normally or that there is a gastrointestinal obstruction. On the other hand, inadequate fluid in the amniotic sac may mean that baby is not urinating properly, indicating a problem with the kidneys or urinary tract.

Week 32
You may start experiencing Braxton Hicks — irregular practice contractions.

Week 33
He’s got his own immune system!

Week 34
Bones in your baby’s skull are not fused. This allows them to move and slightly overlap during labour, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal.

Week 35
His liver can process some waste products.

Week 36
He is shedding lanugo hair as well as vernix caseosa — the waxy substance that covered and protected his skin whilst taking a nine-month amniotic bath.

Weeks 37-40
Your baby will be packing on the pounds over the next few weeks. His organs will fully mature and be ready for life outside the womb!

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