Pregnant and Loving It

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Pregnancy sometimes has its challenges but it no doubt can have its perks too! MH lists some of our favourite advantages your bump can bring.


Pregnancy has its perks! However, if you’re one of the many pregnant women who is suffering from morning sickness, swollen feet, back pains or that dreaded acid reflux, you’re likely to wonder exactly how you’re going to enjoy your pregnancy, let alone take advantage of the perks it brings. But trust me, these little inconveniences that come along with being pregnant will pass. And you know what? You now have nine whole months to enjoy some of the perks as well. So, here it is – 12 (of many) pregnancy perks that will be heading your way.

1. At Your Beck and Call
Tell your family you’re preggers and chances are they’ll offer their help in any way possible. And if I were you, I’d take it because in nine short months when your bub arrives, you’ll most definitely be at her beck and call. So, if there’s ever been any time for you to put your feet up and relax while the hubby takes care of the chores, it’s right now. Sure, the dishes and laundry are still manageable but you deserve a break every now and then don’t you?

2. Your Wish is Granted
You feel like chicken tonight? Well, then chicken it is. Or how about pasta? Or a steak? Whoever said to always give in to a pregnant woman was a very wise person because when it comes to pregnancy, your hormones can take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And no one wants to upset a pregnant woman! So just what are you craving tonight?

3. Snack anyone?
Feel like having a snack? Sure, go ahead and treat yourself. Just be sure to always eat healthily. While this may be a time to indulge those cravings and forget what the scale says, it isn’t an excuse to pig out. Expectant mummies just need 300 to 500 more calories per day during pregnancy. So, when you’re next craving for that ice cream sundae, top it off with some sliced fruit for a healthy twist.

4. Getting Sexy
Sex during pregnancy is a whole different experience. Not only do you not have to worry about getting pregnant (for obvious reasons), the increased blood flow to the pelvic area can often heighten your sensation during sex. So, forget about your bump being in the way. Get creative and embrace the sexier you.

5. Get Ready to Shop
Have you noticed how baby clothes look so adorable now that you’re pregnant? Well, here’s another plus on the pregnancy perks list. You’re allowed to shop without feeling any guilt about spending too much. Your little one is going to need clothes, towels, bibs, booties, diapers – and the list goes on – and a whole roomful of baby furniture and accessories. Not to mention, you’re going to also need to add to your wardrobe with your growing baby bump! Next stop? Take me to the mall, please!

6. The First Time (over and over again)
The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is something most mums will never forget. It’s an amazing experience and it’s what all mums look forward to. And as a new mum, you’ll get to experience many ‘firsts’ – from now till your baby is born. From first kicks to first words, get ready to save all those memories.

7. But I’m Pregnant!
There’s a time and place for you to play this card. Want to get out on helping your husband put the crib together? This might be the perfect excuse. Or maybe, you’re not up for yet another Sunday night dinner with the in-laws. Just be sure not to use it too often though or he might start to get suspicious.

8. To the Head of the Queue
With your growing bump pushing up against your bladder, you are likely to find yourself heading to the toilet more often than you would like. And with the snaking queues in public toilets, holding it in can get increasingly challenging. If you’re lucky, someone might be kind enough to allow you to skip the queue! Toilets aren’t the only place – think airport queues and maybe even when you’re boarding the bus.

9. Catch Up on Your Zzz’s
Naps are practically a must when you’re pregnant. After all, growing another person inside you takes up a whole lot of energy. Not only will it reduce feelings of fatigue and keep you more alert, it’ll sharpen your memory as well. And of course, it’s wise to get all the sleep you can now before the sleepless nights set in.

10. Building a Family to Call Your Own
Nothing beats the feeling of watching your husband read to your little bub or hearing your child call you mummy for the very first time. Or when your little one lights up each time you enter the room. That’s when you know you’ve done something right and something to be proud of. Because at the end of it all, when the nine months have passed and you’ve gone through hours of labour, that’s what you’ll have – your very own family.

11. The Unbreakable Bond
That bond between your bub and you – that’s something really special. You will be the first one to hold your baby. And the first time she looks up at you and into your eyes, it’s a feeling that words cannot begin to describe.

12. Your Sweet Bundle of Joy
Needless to say, this is the best perk about being pregnant. Those cute little fingers and toes, and those sweet brown eyes, which look at you so curiously – that’s what makes it all worth the while. Yes, despite all the discomforts. Take pride in the fact that only you can give your baby life and that no one can take this away from you.

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