[Online Exclusive] The Ultimate Pregnancy To-Do List: Second Trimester

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Need help figuring out the most important things to do while you’re pregnant? Read on.



1. Purchase maternity insurance. Coverage generally doesn’t start until week 13, and you may not be eligible to purchase it until then. The start of your second trimester is the ideal time to purchase maternity insurance.


2. Sign up for prenatal yoga or other fitness classes of your choice. Most studios recommend starting fitness classes only in the second trimester.


3. Go on a babymoon. You’ll feel energy levels rising, but your bump isn’t so big as to be unwieldy yet. This is the best time to go on a holiday and concentrate on your partner before the new arrival.


4. Prepare the nursery. If this is your first child, it’s time to get the big-ticket items! Choose the cot and other nursery furniture during your second trimester.


5. Shop for maternity clothes. As your bump continues to grow, you probably can’t fit into your regular clothes anymore. If you intend to breastfeed, find maternity clothes that double up as breastfeeding-friendly outfits to get more use out of them.


6. Prepare your older children for a new sibling. Let them know there’s a baby growing in your belly and slowly introduce them to the idea of becoming a big brother or sister.


7. Go on hospital tours. Decide on the hospital that you want to give birth in.


8. Do the big 20-week scan and find out the sex of the baby if you want. At 20 weeks, you’ll undergo an anomaly scan. If you haven’t found out the sex of the baby already, you’ll be able to find out during this scan if you want!


9. Read up on the latest baby care recommendations. Should your baby sleep on their back or front? Do they need water? Be sure to find out what the current medical recommendations are instead of just listening to well-meaning relatives.


10. Start reading up on how you want to feed your baby. Whether you intend to breastfeed, formula feed or mix feed, you need to have the proper knowledge.



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