5 Fears Pregnant Women Have

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When you’re expecting a baby, fears and worries are par for the course. But while some fears may be totally warranted, there are definitely some irrational fears that freak us out more than they should.



With the crazy new body changes, and the laundry list of dos and don’ts that come along with pregnancy, it’s no wonder why having a baby can bring along a ton of new worries and lead to high levels of stress and anxiety during this period. And we all agree that stressing out during pregnancy is no fun at all so if you’re having a healthy pregnancy, there’s really no reason to worry.


Labour Pains

As the big day approaches, you start to worry about what’s going to happen during your labour. Will you have crazy painful labour pains, a baby in distress who requires medical intervention, copious blood loss, or an emergency c-section? Well, anything and everything can happen during labour, so it is best to be mentally prepared.



Read as many books as you can on labour, ask your

doctor all the questions you want, and keep an open mind

about pain-relief options should you decide at

the eleventh hour that you’ll need them.



Thankfully, the vast majority of medical interventions such as emergency C-sections do have a happy outcome.


The Cord Wrapping Around Your Baby’s Neck

While it may sound scary, the number of babies who are born with their umbilical cord around their necks is more common – one in every 100 deliveries – than you think. Even so, the amniotic fluid usually provides enough of a buffer between the cord and the baby. The cord is mostly wrapped around your baby’s neck only once, and it’s very rare that it’ll wind around the neck multiple times.


Morning Sickness

Due to severe morning sickness, some women worry that their baby isn’t getting enough to eat during the first few months of pregnancy. Let your doctor know if this is the case and they should be able to advise you on what you should do. Also, do make sure that you’re taking your prenatal vitamins, just in case your nausea and sickness cause you to become ill enough that you can’t keep anything down but biscuits and water.


Pregnancy Weight

Gaining an incredible amount of weight and struggling to lose it post-pregnancy is definitely a big worry of pregnant mums. Not only that, health complications might arise for you and your unborn child if you gain too much weight during the pregnancy. Should your weight gain get out of control, it can cause gestational diabetes which leads to a spike in your blood sugar levels. This could result in you birthing a big baby who has a higher risk of developing diabetes later in life as well as complications during labour. You are also at risk of developing high blood pressure and a urinary tract infection during pregnancy. So, if you haven’t heard by now, eating for two is a myth. During your second and third trimester, you should only be consuming an additional 300 calories a day.


Some tips for keeping to a healthy weight during pregnancy

is to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle by doing some

pregnancy-appropriate exercise. This way, you won’t have

to worry about gaining weight or losing it post-partum.



Water Breaking in Public

Okay, sorry to burst your bubble (pun intended), this one could definitely happen. However, while your water could break at any time, it’s usually preceded by some warning contractions, which will give you a heads-up that your baby’s almost ready. And even if it comes with no warning, there probably won’t be as much fluid as you think. Some women say it’s only a trickle, while others say it’s more like a gush of water. But hey, either way, you're nine months pregnant! It’s not like you can control when your water might break! 



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