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5 Ways Pregnancy Can Affect Your Vision

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Weight gain, swollen feet and a sore back are just some of the changes pregnancy brings. But did you know that being pregnant can affect your eyesight as well? MH finds out how.



Pregnancy is a time of many changes, and mothers will experience a range of fluctuating problems. They can range from breast changes, tiredness, and nausea, mood swings, and weight gain, heartburn, swelling of the ankles or fingers, and mild contractions.


Usually the first trimester of pregnancy, you will experience an upset stomach, tender and swollen breasts, mood swings, weight gain or loss and constipation as well. Each woman experiences different pregnancy symptoms or changes. Some may feel discomfort while some might not feel any at all. Hence, it is necessary to implement these changes to your daily routine and lifestyle habits. Lee Feng Yuan, an optometrist at KJ Optometrists, who has a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Optometry, tells us the ways pregnancy can affect your vision.


Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, some mothers may experience fluid retention which causes an increase in both corneal curvature and thickness. The quality or quantity of your tears may also change during this time and affect the vision. Keep the irritation at bay by using eyedrops but be sure to check in with your doctor to find out if the ingredients are safe for pregnancy.


Ocular Migraine

This is a temporary headache that causes blurry vision. It starts off with

a heat wave in the vision. An aura is also a known symptom of ocular migraines and involves flashing lights and blind spots.



It is important to get your much-desired amount

of rest and to perform eye massages.



Eye Pressure

This can potentially happen due to hormonal changes and increase in eye pressure. The spiking of eye pressure linked to glaucoma affects the optic nerve. It involves the compression of the nerve fibre and loss of the layer.


Metabolic Changes

It increases the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. There will be potential changes for someone with diabetic and high blood pressure as these can possibly result in a vision loss.


Water Retention

Water retention can lead to corneal oedema. Fluid retention during pregnancy can cause swelling of the eye and cornea which gives rise to astigmatism changes. Astigmatism changes only on the eye and vision. It is spherical and the curvature is a result of water accumulation.


While these changes may affect your vision, remember that it is very likely temporary. Therefore, it is not advisable for pregnant women to get a new pair of glasses or new contact lenses. 


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