40 Tasks in 40 Weeks: Third Trimester

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There are lots to be done before baby arrives, but don’t worry, because we’ve laid the tasks down for you in this pregnancy to-do list.




Week 28

Discuss with your partner about cord blood banking. You can either store the cord blood in a private bank or donate it to the Singapore Cord Blood Bank.



Week 29

You’re finally in the third trimester! If you haven’t already, start a baby book to keep photos of your growing bump all the way through your baby’s first year.



Week 3O

Keep track of your baby’s movements by regularly counting the number of foetal kicks. In general, you should feel 10 movements in 10 minutes.



Week 31

If you have difficulty sleeping, test different sleeping positions, and ensure you get enough rest and take short naps throughout the day.



Week 32

Between 32 and 36 weeks, your doctor will do a growth scan of your baby to monitor your baby’s growth. Find out about tests you might need to do, and ask your doctor questions about labour and delivery.



Week 33

Your baby can hear your voice, so bond with your baby by talking to her or reading a book.



Week 34

Start packing your hospital bag. Don’t forget important documents like your doctor’s letter and hospital admission form.



Week 35

Go on a hospital tour to familiarise yourself with the environment you’ll be in on D-day.



Week 36

If you have other children, prepare them by talking about the baby’s arrival and spend one-on-one time with them.



Week 37

Labour contractions may start from here onwards. Know what to expect; labour contractions tend to be stronger, longer, and occur more frequently.



Week 38

Know what to call your baby yet? If you don’t already know, start narrowing down baby names.



Week 39

If you’re working, settle any deadlines and create a list for the colleague who’ll be replacing you while you’re on maternity leave.



Week 4O

D-day is approaching! Time your contractions, figure out the fastest route to the hospital, and last but not least, relax as much as you can.




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