40 Tasks in 40 Weeks: Second Trimester

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There are lots to be done before baby arrives, but don’t worry, because we’ve laid the tasks down for you in this pregnancy to-do list.




Week 14

You’ve kept it a secret long enough – it’s time to surprise your loved ones with the happy news! Most parents tend to wait until this point to inform their families as the risk of miscarriage lowers after the first trimester.



Week 15

Get recommendations for a suitable paediatrician from your family members or mummy friends. 



Week 16

It’s best for pregnant women to travel during the second trimester, so grab this chance for quality time with your spouse before the baby arrives by going on a babymoon.



Week 17

Get help with household chores, especially those that involve heavy lifting or the use of toxic products.



Week 18

Your second-trimester screenings will be conducted between week 18 and 22, so discuss with your doctor on the screenings required. Screenings during this period are done to check for physical and genetic abnormalities.



Week 19

Discuss with your partner on whether the both of you would like to know your baby’s gender, as the screenings may include an ultrasound scan to find this out.



Week 2O

Research on different breastfeeding methods and buy breastfeeding equipment like nursing bras, a breast pump, and breast milk containers.



Week 21

If you’re a working mum, consider your childcare options after your maternity leave ends. Look into nearby daycare centres near your workplace, or hire a domestic helper.


Week 22

Babyproof your home, including storing harmful products on higher shelves and securing loose furniture onto the wall.



Week 23

Plan your baby’s nursery by deciding on a theme, wall colours, and accessories.



Week 24

Have stretch marks on your belly? Look into safe skin care products to apply on the marks if you’re self-conscious about them, as well as to relieve the itchiness.



Week 25

Look forward to adorable onesies, hats, socks and mittens, as your baby clothes-shopping starts!



Week 26

Prepare a birth plan so your doctor will know your labour and delivery preferences, such as your pain relief options.



Week 27

Don’t forget about oral care while you’re pregnant. Teeth cleaning is safe during pregnancy but check on the safety of other dental work with your dentist.




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