40 Tasks in 40 Weeks: First Trimester

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There are lots to be done before baby arrives, but don’t worry, because we’ve laid the tasks down for you in this pregnancy to-do list.



Overwhelmed with the things you need to do during these 40 weeks? Check out our to-do list to make your pregnancy journey a little bit easier.



Week 1

Add prenatal supplements to your diet, especially folic acid – a B-vitamin that lowers the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.



Week 2

It’s time to confirm if you’re really pregnant! Take an at-home pregnancy test a few days to a week after your period should have been due. It’s best to check first thing in the morning as that’s when your urine is likely to contain the most pregnancy hormones. Note down the date of your last period too so you can determine your estimated delivery date.



Week 3

Assuming you got a positive result, call your doctor to book your first prenatal appointment. Most doctors will only schedule the first prenatal visit about eight weeks into your pregnancy. By this time, you should avoid consuming alcohol, reduce your caffeine intake, and avoid foods like high-mercury fish (e.g. swordfish, king mackerel), raw seafood, and soft cheeses.



Week 4

If you’re positive there’s a baby in the oven, it’s time to break the news to your partner! Plan a surprise reveal – put hints around the house, or simply let him know the happy news over dinner.



Week 5

Learn more about your pregnancy from magazines, books and trusted online resources. Download a pregnancy app on your phone to keep track of the journey ahead.



Week 6

Experiencing morning sickness? Eat small, frequent meals, and try drinking ginger tea to relieve the symptoms.



Week 7

Your first prenatal visit is coming up. Prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor, and make sure you know your medical history as well as your partner’s.



Week 8

Your first prenatal appointment is here! Ask your doctor whatever you need to know about your pregnancy and clear up any doubts you might have.



Week 9

High-intensity exercises are not recommended during pregnancy, but it’s good to fit in some low-impact activity into your day. Take a brisk walk or jog around the park, or do some laps in the pool.



Week 1O

Buy maternity bras since your breasts might be sore and tender. Buy maternity clothes while you’re at it, although you might still be able to fit into your regular clothes at this period of time.


Don’t go overboard with your shopping though as you’ll need to discuss your baby budget with your partner. Consider the cost of diapers, food, clothes, baby gear, and doctor appointments.



Week 11

Talk to your doctor about the first trimester screenings you’ll need to take, such as tests for Down Syndrome.



Week 12

Review your company’s maternity leave policy. Know what you’re entitled to by law so you can effectively discuss about your maternity leave options when it’s time to let your employer know.



Week 13

Research childbirth classes. These classes will prepare you for what you can expect during the rest of your pregnancy all the way to labour and delivery.



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