Giving Your Baby an Auspicious Name

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There is an old Chinese saying  古人云: “ 赐子千金不如教子一技,教子一技不如赐子好名” which is literally translated as “instead of giving wealth to our children why don’t we give them a skillset, instead of teaching them the skillset we might as well give them an auspicious name”


In the Chinese culture, giving a good Chinese name to our children symbolises an important milestone as this is the very first gift that every child receives from their parents the very moment they enter the world and this name will stay with the child for the longest time.


As technology advances, many young parents are flooded with name choices with the help of the various types of Chinese baby name creation apps. Parents like to name their children base on:


a) Idols (singers or actors or people they worship)

b) Easy pronunciation and remembrance

c) Ease of writing the Chinese name


But that is not enough, they need to be more aware of the following;


1. 生肖起名. Take 2018 – the Chinese Zodiac year of the Dog.

a) Dogs are loyal pets to humans so having radicals or characters like「亻」、人」「入」will enhance commitment and loyalty in love and money. Examples: 人,今,任,令,仰,仲,企,伸,布,位,住,伯,余,佩,佳,依,俊,傑,倩,值,偉,健


b)「宀」,「冖」are representation of the word 家 as such that if a dog has a good home the dog’s life will be blessed. Examples: 字,守,安,宏,宜,寧,宙,有,家,富,冠


c) Dogs like to put on a uniform. Therefore, having cloth words like 「糹」、「彡」、「巾」、「衣」will give them comfort and protection. Examples: 約,珍,紳,維,緯,彤,形,彥,彩,彪,彭,衣,衫,綺,裝,褚,希,佩,綸,席.


2. 八字起名 Using the child Bazi Chart to see his or her favourable elements and matching the names according to the elements. If a child is in need of water elements can choose from radicals like「氵」,    「見」, Examples: 沐,注,泛,淩,涵,唄,賀


3. 字劃起名 Using the number of strokes required to write the Chinese name and match it to the auspicious stroke segment. Example, 曾偉洪 is 12 strokes + 11 strokes + 9 strokes = 32 strokes (symbolises: The dragon leaps from the sea to heaven with the aid of the clouds and the winds. When the timing is right there will be great success)


4. 五格起名 Pay attention to (天格+人格+地格+外格+總格)

5. 名字意義 Make sure that the chosen name symbolises an auspicious meaning. Example, 昌 means kindness and upright character, prosperous as well as look strong externally.


6. 音靈起名 Since the beginning of age, we learn to communicate by sound before we can learn to speak. So sound management is extremely important. It is best to achieve a higher pitch tone from the second Chinese name to the third Chinese name. Example: 耀 (pinyin4th sound) to 韦 (pinyin 1st sound).


In most instances, most parents are encouraged to select the name when they are in the hospital to save another trip to the Registrar. Time constraint and tiredness of the parents can lead to mistakes which will eventually cause negativity and less auspicious luck.




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