Tips to Save Money When Having a Baby

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Having a baby? You might want to give your baby only the best, but how much of it is really necessary?



It’s easy to be tempted to indulge in lots of baby items in anticipation of your baby’s arrival, but a lot of what we think of as essential is not always so. Especially when it comes to a baby, whom you’ll soon find grows quicker than you can blink your eyes; much of what you buy gets used only for a short period. Here’s a common list of what may not be necessary and which when put together, will save you a pretty penny.


Newborn Celebrations

In the past, a baby’s one month “auspicious” celebration involved a small, at-home party and people brought red-dyed eggs and traditional cakes. These days, “tradition” has become far more lavish and it’s not uncommon to spend on renting a venue, catering, photo booths, door gifts and themed décor.



While this may be a lovely way to get people together,

your baby isn’t going to remember any of it – so if you do it, just

remember that you’re doing it for you, not for your baby.



Having a Baby Room

Having a room just for your baby means you’re likely going to paint it a specific colour or theme, fit it with all kinds of cute – but sometimes impractical – baby or toddler furniture and create a décor theme that your child is going to be far too young to appreciate now. If you’re planning long-term, put the money on his college fund instead.


Diaper Changing Stations

Instead of a fancy station, get a changing mat and change your baby on any flat surface – sofa, bed, table, you name it.


Baby Formula

Before forking out your money for a tin of infant formula, remember that it is second rate to what nature intended – breastfeeding.



Your breast milk contains everything baby needs for optimal

development and every doctor will tell you that it is the superior

alternative. Breastfeeding also helps you bond with baby.



Baby Clothes

It’s tempting to want brand new “just his” clothes for your baby, especially when it comes to personal items such as clothes. But if you can get over the mental barrier, you’ll save a lot and be thankful because a baby grows at a phenomenal rate and the thirty bucks you spend on that cute baby top goes down the drain in as quick as three to six weeks. Instead, say yes to hand-me-downs, and give the clothes that your baby has outgrown away as well!


Baby Shoes

Oh so expensive for so little material! Your baby doesn’t really need shoes until he can actually walk. So while baby shoes can be ridiculously cute, you don’t actually need them. Want to keep those tiny toes warm or want to complete an outfit? Buy socks instead.




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