Making the Best of Bed Rest

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Your doctor has ordered bed rest for you and you wonder – with dread – how you are going to pass the days being confined to bed. You aren’t doomed to a miserable pregnancy. MH gives you nine ways to make the best of bed rest!


It is not uncommon for expectant women to be prescribed bed rest at some point in their pregnancy because of conditions (e.g. placenta previa, incompetent cervix) that render the pregnancy at risk.


If your doctor has ordered bed rest for you, your initial reaction might be, “Whoo-hoo! I don’t have to go to work!” But the reality soon hits home, and your heart sinks at the thought of twiddling your thumbs in bed and staring at the ceiling all day long.


Being put on bed rest, especially for a long period, really need not be so dreadful. Here are ways to make bed rest a productive and even enjoyable time. Remember to get the green light from your doctor before taking these suggestions because each woman’s condition is different.


1 Rule from Bed. 

You don’t have to turn into Sleeping Beauty! If you are allowed to sit up in bed, talk to your boss about working from home. Rearrange your bedroom to have your computer, phone and fax machine beside you. Communicate with your office via email and arrange for a courier service to deliver documents to and from the office.


If you have older children, place a table by your bedside so that your kids can do their colouring, handicraft or schoolwork with your supervision.


Touch Base with Friends.

With your computer and phone well within reach, you won’t feel like you are being sent into exile. Call your girlfriends to chat. Do also take this time to touch base with old classmates and friends before Baby arrives and you get all busy again. Drop your old pals a note or card, and re-establish your network of friends via Facebook.



If you are up to it, organise a bedside party! Invite your girlfriends to come over

in their pyjamas and ask them to bring along some yummy food.



Make new friends, too. Participate in online forums and support groups. You’d find mums in the same boat as you and they can give you more ideas to beat bed rest blues!


Plug In to Entertainment Hub.

Catch up on all the movies that you’ve missed because you’ve had to work overtime or were just too tired to watch. Get Hubby to set up the TV and DVD player in your room, or visit websites offering online movies. You may want to slot in some baby care and parenting videos, too. Turn on the radio or music in your room. Play card and board games, as well as computer games to help break the boredom. Have fun and recharge, for you’d scarcely have time for such recreation later on.


Learn a New Skill.

If you’ve always wished to learn how to make your own jewellery or do watercolour painting, give it a shot now! Sign up for a short correspondence or online class, or take a video tutorial. You won’t need to leave the bed to go to class! Learn skills like knitting, quilting or crocheting, and you can make something for your little baby.


So there you go. Your bed rest period may turn out so fulfilling that you feel wistful as Baby’s arrival date draws close!


Prepare for Baby’s Arrival.

Shop online! You can buy baby clothes, decorations for the nursery and necessities such as toiletries online, and have them delivered to you.



If you haven’t already, give some thought to your birth plan and write it down.

Polish up your infant care skills, too. One mum-to-be said she used her 

bed rest time to practise swaddling using baby blankets and a small bolster.



Think ahead. You can start drafting emails to inform friends and relatives of your baby’s arrival, and pre-write thank you e-cards for baby gifts. After all, these can be saved or programmed to be sent out at a later date.


This is also a good time to do your research on childcare options. Make phone calls to childcare centres to find out their policies and rates. Also, get your insurance agent to drop by so that you can find out about the insurance plans available for your baby. When Baby arrives, you can just concentrate on enjoying your little one!


Read Like Mad.

Do this before you get too bleary-eyed from the lack of sleep when Baby is born. It’s a luxury to be able to finish your favourite novels without getting interrupted! Subscribe to magazines so that they are sent to your home.


You would want to read baby related stuff, too. Pour over books and websites to narrow down the choice of names for your baby. Read about baby care, breastfeeding and parenting. Many websites put up useful child care topics with expert advice. You will come out of bed rest being a very well-informed parent.


Grooming & Self-Care.

Don’t let bed rest turn you into an unkempt pyjamas-clad woman. Now you have all the time to brush your hair shiny if all you normally do is to comb it a few strokes each day. Pluck your brows, do your home facials and slather on skin-beautifying lotions. While you are at it, remember to moisturise your belly to minimise the occurrence of stretch marks.


You may even ask your manicurist and hairdresser to make house calls. If your doctor gives the nod, get a masseuse in to give you a relaxing massage and help soothe those stiff muscles.


Capture the Moments.

Start a pregnancy journal or blog your pregnancy experience. It’ll bring back many fond memories.



You can also start working on a scrapbook for your baby. Order your

scrapbook materials online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Or try digital scrapbooking – you won’t need to purchase any materials.



Another fun project to do for your baby is a family tree. It’ll be a wonderful way to introduce your child to who’s who in the family later. Add to this by compiling a little booklet of family stories!



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