Keeping Active During Pregnancy

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Studies have shown that a fit and healthy woman has a higher chance of a shorter delivery with fewer complications and less exhaustion. So what better reason to remain active during the nine months.



There is research to suggest that there is a direct correlation between the mother’s health and her baby’s health. You would want to give your little embryo the best home possible and being fit will definitely contribute to this.


Furthermore, when a woman exercises all the way to the end of her pregnancy the placenta grows on average three times faster during the second trimester and will have around 15 per cent more surface area. This provides optimal living conditions for your baby. This will also enable your placenta to function optimally all the way to the end. For women who cannot handle vigorous exercise, light exercises will be a good start for you to experiment with.



As your pregnancy progresses, you can take note of your energy levels

and combine it with the appropriate level of exercise.



Jantien Kroese-van den Berg, business owner of Mom in Balance Singapore shares with us a few reasons why it’s important to remain active throughout your pregnancy.




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