Your Guide to Partying Stress-Free

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Whether you’re throwing a party or attending one this Lunar New Year, it can sometimes get pretty stressful especially when you have a bump in tow. Keep the stress at bay by sticking to this guide.



Being preggers. That is a time for joy. Well, except when it comes to parties, right? Mustering the energy for a fun night out can be a tough act in itself, let alone staying awake past 8pm at all…


But hey, brighten up. Nobody said the party stops at being pregnant. Sure, you may not fit into your LBD the way you used to… that’s precisely what these extremely versatile maxi dresses are for!


You heard us: maxi dresses.

That’s right. You may literally be shape-shifting, so to speak. But that does not mean you can’t flaunt these new curves. Instead of covering yourself up in dowdy gear reminiscent of tablecloth, celebrate your growing form with a party outfit that hugs your new figure in all the right places. Psst: classic black never goes out of style and always flatters. Also, if you are the sort who loves to accessorise, go for it. From chunky statement necklaces to gold tassel earrings, as long as you feel good in it, you look good in it. Period.


You don’t have to say yes.

There’s another term for turning down party invites, and it’s ‘Taking Care of Yourself, 101’. You may hate to turn down an invitation, but it’s important to conserve your precious energy for what counts more. You’re growing a tiny little human inside of you, so it’s perfectly natural to feel a little winded. Get this: energy conservation is no longer just about saving Mother Earth, it’s about saving Mother. Don’t feel obliged to accept every party invitation you receive.



If you’re not feeling it, just decline the invitation politely.

There will be a party to go to whenever you’re ready for it, we promise.

You’ll never run out of parties to go to.



Prepare for days in advance.

If you do say yes to a party, prepare by getting early nights ahead of time, and make sure you’re well-rested in the days leading up to the party. That way, your body will be more equipped to deal with a late night out. That said, be mindful of the signals your body sends you, and don’t feel bad if you really need to call it a night at say, 9pm. If you need to rest, you need to rest.


Call the shots, and we don’t mean shots.

If you’re in charge of throwing the party, you get to choose how the show is run. Why not get creative? It’s easy to think ‘shots, shots and more shots’ when you think ‘party’. But that’s just easy. Once you get past the idea of boozy parties, you’d be amazed at what you can do. What do you enjoy on any given day? Think out of the box, we say. Whether it’s a darts and tarts party, a cosy spa day (think buffed nails and foot massages) with the girlfriends, a seaside picnic with yoga at sunset, or even a movie marathon with popcorn and snacks at the ready, the possibilities are endless… endless!


Pregnancy loves company.

If you’re in your first trimester and prefer to keep your pregnancy under wraps for now, attend the party with an understanding buddy or your partner. They’ll come in extra handy for getting your (non-alcoholic) drinks for you, swapping their empty glasses with yours, and of course, looking out for you all evening.


Curb morning sickness.

Here’s the thing about morning sickness: it can strike at any time. Nausea doesn’t own a watch; neither does vomiting. The science behind it is simple: your inclination for feeling nauseated or wanting to puke may be caused by blood sugar levels that are out of balance, added sensitivity to unpleasant odours, or even fatigue.



A couple of easy ways to keep nausea at bay are

to sip on water to stay hydrated and to nibble throughout the day,

preferably of the protein-packed variety.



Enjoy the attention.

Here’s a fact: people usually warm up to babies. Which means they also open up to baby-carrying women. It doesn’t matter whether the baby is still in your belly, out and about in a fancy baby carrier, or in a stroller. That’s right, it will be very hard to escape the attention of curious guests at a party, and all the more so if you are sporting a reasonably sizable bump. “Is it a boy or a girl?” “When are you due?” “Thought of a name yet?” “When are you going on maternity leave?” Even if you’re usually a little bit shy, why not take the opportunity to soak up the attention while it lasts? You might discover a new friend or two for life.

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