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How to Bond with Your Bump

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Get in touch with your unborn baby with these simple ways and discover its benefits.



There are many ways to bond with your baby bump and you can actually see the benefits out of them. All in all, bonding time with your bump eventually sets a good benchmark to observe your baby’s movement. Within the womb, your baby moves and stretches for relaxation. As long as you are feeling your baby’s movements by week 24 of your pregnancy, you can be assured that your baby is responding to sounds, light or strong foods. This is when you can start to feel those strong little kicks coming from your little one!


Baby Bump Massage

Using your sense of touch to bond with your bump is fundamentally the most efficient way of making a connection with your baby from within the womb. A massage is a soothing and pleasant way to get in touch with your baby. You can easily treat yourself to a massage session at home with oils of your own choice, like Lavender, Chamomile, and Neroli. While these oils may be safe to use during pregnancy, they can only be used from the second trimester onwards. You can also customise your own essential oils at home to aid in the efficiency of your massage. A home aromatherapy massage amplifies the relaxation atmosphere at home along with tuning your baby’s developmental sights and sounds to feel more adaptable to the homely environment. Massage while playing soothing music also helps to stimulate your baby. You will be really amazed at how much your baby can absorb!


Simple Mindfulness and Relaxation

Using these techniques for a few minutes a day can help you bond with your unborn baby. You can choose a regular time to relax and focus, such as in the bath or before you go to bed. Vyda S. Chai, a clinical psychologist from Think Psychologist Services gives some helpful pointers for mums, “Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow your body to relax while you take your imagination to a place where you feel at ease.”



Practicing mindfulness meditation allows you to be fully aware and present for the

special moments during your pregnancy. It helps in milk production along with

helping your baby grow and thrive as he develops in your womb. Furthermore, 

it reduces the risk of postpartum mood disorders and anxiety disorders, 

which definitely aids in a more exuberant and healthy pregnancy.



Mindfulness is an excellent resource and it provides you and your baby bump with more time to bond.


Singing to Your Baby

Singing lullabies have been observed as a popular, traditional way of bonding with your baby. You should start singing to your child in utero. Auditory signals begin to process at about 25 weeks. This is a particular reason why a newborn prefers to hear the voice of their mother. It is the most familiar voice there is to them! Singing while pregnant is beneficial for your baby as she gets familiar with the music. This can certainly be used even after your baby is born. You can sing a certain kind of music that you prefer or even a favourite lullaby to calm down for the night. Once your baby is born, you can use that same music again! Singing is an effective and stimulating way to connect with your baby. It raises the level of human interaction between you and your baby, creating an even more special bond to hold.


Talking to Your Baby

Chai explains to us that your baby’s hearing is developing all the time and from about 23 weeks she can hear your heartbeat and the growling of your hungry tummy. Your baby will also start to hear sounds from the outside world and your voice. She suggests that speaking to your bump can help stimulate your baby’s hearing and bonding to your voice. You can get Daddy to speak to the baby too, incorporating some fun bonding with your bump.


Responding to Your Baby’s Kicks

You can communicate with your baby by responding to bumps, kicks, and nudges.



Play with your baby by gently nudging back or rubbing on the areas that

you feel movements. You can get daddy to join in too by allowing him to

rub on the same spot. This will certainly elevate the level of attachment

between the three of you, creating a much longer lasting bond.



Dr KK Chow, a specialist in obstetrician and gynaecology, Raffles Women’s Centre, Raffles Hospital tells us that this will increase positive emotions towards the pregnancy and forthcoming baby, for you and your husband as a couple. 



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