What You Need to Know About Your Pregnancy: Get Informed

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When it comes to your pregnancy, here’s where to go for all you need to know.



From magazines and books to speaking to experts and other likeminded mums, getting informed about all things pregnancy should start right now.


In the Know

There is a multitude of books and websites you can read to find out more about the different pregnancy stages and how to handle your impending motherhood. Download apps such as pregnancy trackers to help you keep track of your pregnancy timeline and doctor appointments, and baby growth apps that tell you which stage of growth your baby is at and just what’s going on in your womb.



Boosting your knowledge on pregnancy symptoms will not only help you know

what to expect but also allow you to be more mindful of all the possible dangers and warning signs

to look out for. This will better equip you with the knowledge to determine

if an issue warrants a visit to the doctor.



Antenatal Classes and More

Once you have gone to your first visit to the gynaecologist, it’s time to think about booking your antenatal classes. There are different types of classes, which teach different relaxation or breathing techniques. You can even sign up for yoga or exercise classes to keep fit during pregnancy. It’s never too early to start researching and considering your options as most of the classes are rather small and fill up fast.


Hospital Tours

Most hospitals offer tours of the labour ward, so take advantage of this service as the more familiar you are with your surroundings, the less panicky you’ll feel on the big day. You may be able to see the delivery room and ward, get to know the check-in procedures, see the nursery, and even discuss food options.


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