Heartburn and Bloatedness During Pregnancy

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There are many changes in pregnancy that may potentially give rise to symptoms with heartburn and bloatedness being one of them. Here’s how to deal.



Heartburn and bloatedness are just some of the common complaints during pregnancy but what is it all about?


What Causes It?

During pregnancy, symptoms of heartburn and bloatedness are very common. This is because the muscles in the neck of the stomach become more relaxed due to pregnancy hormones. When this happens, acidic stomach juices come up the food pipe (oesophagus) and heartburn rears its ugly head. Again, due to the same reasons, the bowel muscles are usually more relaxed and thus bloatedness and constipation are more common.

The bloated feeling during pregnancy especially after eating is the result of several contributory factors and most are a result of rising pregnancy hormones which cause delayed gastric (stomach) emptying and constipation. This may be accompanied with heartburn and indigestion.



As the pregnancy progresses, the baby also increases in size which compresses

onto the stomach and intestines. Women also retain more water

and gain fat which all contribute to that bloated feeling.



How Do I Manage it?

Try taking small, more frequent meals and avoid spicy food, gassy drinks and citrus juice and fruits until the gastritis improves. Drink plenty of water and consume more fibre in your diet to ease bowel movement.

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