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Get your hands on these tools and get the help you need begin your breastfeeding journey.



As with every major project you undertake, it helps to arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools of the trade. Here are some tools and recipes to help you get through the initial weeks of breastfeeding.


Nursing Balms

This usually comes in a thick gel-like form or a creamy texture. It helps to soothe tired nipples. Usually, a small tube is sufficient because once you hit the second or third week, you’ve passed the worst of it.


Breast Shields

This pair of shields not only helps to save milk from those sudden letdowns that occur in the first few months when your breasts are full, you can also wear them when your nipples are sore as they allow your nipples to breathe, which helps to alleviate soreness.


A Good Quality Breast Pump

A breast pump is an important investment so it’s best to not cut corners on this one. You shouldn’t go wrong with a double electric pump from a trustworthy hospital-grade brand.


Breastfeeding Pillow

This pillow wraps around your waist and helps to provide support and lift your baby to an optimal level for breastfeeding. This helps you to maintain a good sitting posture while breastfeeding to avoid shoulder aches.


Cold Cabbage

This is the best remedy for engorgement, which generally happens when milk kicks in on the third or fourth day. Once you feel your breasts hardening don’t wait, grab some chilled white cabbage, pluck the largest leaves and wrap it on yourself. Wear them in your bra for two hours or until they are no longer cool to the touch, then change the leaves. Do this until you feel your breasts soften. However, try not to apply cabbage for prolonged periods as this will reduce your milk supply. Most hospitals keep cabbage in stock for new mums who experience engorgement during their hospital stay.


Fennel Tea

This non-caffeinated herbal tea helps to stimulate milk supply. You can get this at most major supermarkets in Singapore.


Papaya Fish Soup

Made with fish bones and green unripe papaya, this traditional confinement recipe is not only nutritious, it also works to stimulate milk supply.

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