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You’re pregnant! It’s time to change that entertainment room into a nursery. So what’s first on the list?



Since Baby deserves the best, you want to put on your thinking caps to transform the space set aside for his arrival into a beautiful and sweet nursery. Moreover, you will be spending quite a bit of time in the nursery – sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, so it pays to create a nursery that is conducive and well-organised.              

Decorating the nursery sounds like a wonderful idea but where do you begin? You can indulge in your inner child artist by giving free rein to your imagination and creativity in decorating your baby’s room – from the colour palettes to the selection of furnishings and adding accents, there are a thousand and one ways to create a fabulous restive nook for your little bub.


Where is Baby Sleeping?

First thing’s first. Before you start shopping for the nursery, decide on which room Baby will be in – the one next to you or down the hall?


Colour the Walls Beautiful

The choice of the right wall colours help set the tone of the room. To achieve a cool and calming effect, you won’t go wrong with deep blue tones. If you want to keep things neutral and have a unisexual colour scheme, slate and cream tones work well too. You may not be a budding Picasso but that does not mean you can’t try a bit of creativity. To play with pattern, choose a wall to add wallpaper with a bold, graphic pattern and paint the other three walls in a corresponding colour.


Personalise the Decor

Create your own wall decor by shopping for a fun print with a standard size and get it framed up and hang them up on the wall but do ensure that they are firmly secured and are beyond baby’s reach. If you have decided on your baby’s name, use it as decorative letters to spell out happy messages of love and sunshine. If you don’t mind some DIY art and craft, paint wooden letters that spell out baby’s name in colours or motifs that match your nursery’s theme – get some ideas from online shops.


Sleep Tight, Little One

Since the baby cot will be the centrepiece of your nursery, it is worth spending some time and effort to sniff out a good buy for a good investment. To stretch your money, consider buying a convertible that will grow with baby – from newborn to a toddler – so you won’t need to purchase another bed for his first few years. Some convertible cribs can also convert into a twin or full-size bed for baby when he goes to preschool.               

Consider the size of your baby nursery too to determine the ideal size of your baby cot – if it should be small or spacious. Other than the baby’s crib, your nursery should have sufficient space to fit a tabletop dresser and a cabinet-cum-shelf.               

To maximise the space, choose a baby crib with storage for diapers, baby wipes, tissues, under it or create storage space by clipping a hanging organiser on its sides.               

The placement of the cot is also important. To ensure that your baby has a good rest every night, avoid placing the cot too near to the window to avoid overheating. Place it some distance from the window so that there is enough light for baby to differentiate between night and day.               

As the cot does not come with bedding, get something that is comfortable for baby. Go with quality fitted mattress sheets and a good mattress protective cover to guard against stains from baby’s poop or urine, for easy cover change as well as hygiene purpose.               

What you put in your baby’s cot is important as well. Blankets and soft toys are big no-nos as these may suffocate infants who lack the motor skills and the strength to shift their heads if something is obstructing their breathing. The same goes with crib bumper pads.


Creating Storage Space

Given the need to organise and store the large array of baby odds and ends, you should incorporate shelving, baskets and drawers into the room. A medium-height dresser with drawers to store baby’s diapers is ideal for your back as you carry out baby’s diaper changes. Alternatively, if splurging on an expensive dresser is not your game plan, make use of a bookcase for shelving space and use baskets or fabric storage containers to stow away toys, clothes and accessories.


Comfort Seating

You may think that this is not necessary but if space allows for it, you should consider having an armchair or rocking chair as you will be spending quite a bit of time feeding, rocking, singing lullabies and reading to your child. Choose one with a simple, classy design that is comfortable and use a blanket as a decorative throw.


Accents Add to the Cosy Effect

You can blend in pops of bright colours such as orange and yellow in the choice of decorative items, to inject life and interest into the room. Use accents like yellow or red for the throw or floor rug, and fun light fixtures for a more dramatic effect.              

Curtains are essential to keep out the glare and dim the room down for baby’s nap times. Choose curtains that are adequately opaque with cute animal motifs. To help a space-starved nursery look more spacious and taller, hang floor-length curtains high near the ceiling.               

Liven up the room further with fun knob decorations to the dresser or door that you can buy from stores.              

Consider using a nightlight if you feel that your baby is more comfortable with one on or it’s easier for you to respond to or check on your little one at night with a nightlight on. 

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