Breastfeeding After a C-section – What You Need to Know

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Here’s what you need to know about breastfeeding after delivering via caesarean. 


Breastfeeding is Possible Right After Birth

It’s possible to breastfeed right away if you receive an epidural (regional anesthetic) for the operation, rather than a general anesthetic, and fortunately, most hospitals today use epidurals. You’ll need assistance, however, for that first latch-on, says Dr Goh Shen Li, senior consultant, obstetrician & gynaecologist, S L Goh Women’s Clinic, Mount Alvernia Hospital.


Painkillers and Antibiotics May Have an Effect on Your Milk

You’ll receive medicines via IVs and pills in the days after your delivery, and typically they’re fine for nursing mothers and their babies. At most, they’ll make your baby a bit sleepy.


You Might Have to Try Certain Holds While You Heal

The traditional cradle hold will likely be too tough on your tummy. The football hold, where the baby is tucked beside you, will be easier for now, or you can try breastfeeding while lying down. Ask a nurse, midwife, or lactation consultant to help you figure out the easiest breastfeeding position for you.

When considering a caesarean birth, you should outweigh the surgery’s possible risks against its potential benefits and against the risks and benefits of a vaginal birth. In general, if a vaginal birth presents greater risks to you or your baby than a caesarean birth, then the risks of a caesarean birth are worth taking.

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