Pregnancy Diary: What Joy!

Alison Yeh, 30 weeks pregnant with a baby boy

Right from the Start
Experts say that the “nesting” instinct is at its strongest in the final weeks of pregnancy, but in my case, the urge to prepare for our baby’s arrival began almost as soon as I discovered I was pregnant! It’s embarrassing to admit because it makes me sound a bit obsessive, that I have spent months preparing his nursery, researching the best products, taking classes, and exploring our birthing options. As a first-time expectant mother, I am constantly being asked, “aren’t you so excited?” and I definitely am, but I also think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the many decisions to be made, and starting early helped me pace myself and manage stress.      

Not to Worry
The most powerful piece of advice my doctor has given me is to take things one step at a time. I’m a bit of a worrier by nature, and I find it easy to get worked up thinking about “what if” this and that happens. Like, when I learned his head circumference was tracking large at 20 weeks – what if it doesn’t fit through my pelvis? Or when we discovered that he was sitting in a breech position at 32 weeks – what if he doesn’t turn? I’ve since learned that it’s perfectly normal to be concerned and helpful to ask questions, but it’s also important not to worry too much before it’s warranted.  

A Scare
Early in my first trimester, I experienced some light bleeding, and I was terrified of losing the pregnancy. I went straight to my gynaecologist’s office for a thorough exam and was relieved to learn that there were no obvious issues causing the bleeding but also unnerved not to know “why” it was happening. My doctor ended up recommending a prescription medicine to help calm my uterus, and thankfully, the bleeding subsided.

Sharing the Joy
Our families were ecstatic when we revealed the big news. They all wanted to share in the experience, but because they live in the U.S., we’ve had to find creative ways to bring them along on the “journey” with us. The number one request I received was for “bump” photos. Sure, I could’ve (and did) send some snaps from my phone, but we wanted to do something more memorable as well. So, we booked a mama-to-be photoshoot with Katie Martin-Sperry in one of our favourite neighbourhoods. The photos perfectly captured our joy and the beauty of Singapore in a way that made our families feel transported – like they were here with us.

Enjoying the Moment
My goal, as my due date approaches, is to savour every last kick and hiccup and to stay open to whatever comes – not to get bent out of shape if he arrives early…or late…or if we have to toss the birth plan out the window. To borrow the popular phrase, “life is what happens while you are busy making other plans,” and it would be such a shame to let anything get in the way of enjoying the moment – whenever, wherever and however it happens.

Thanks for sharing!