Pregnancy Diary: The Fruit of Love

Seah Wen Shuen, 38 weeks pregnant with her first child, whose gender she intends to find out only when she delivers

“My husband and I found out that I was pregnant when we were less than one year into our marriage. It was double joy for us as this news came shortly after we moved into our new residence. We were in a long and loving relationship for a decade before marriage. Needless to say, this wonderful piece of news brought our relationship to a new level and we are quick to embrace the idea of parenthood. Cliché as it may sound, this baby is the fruit of our great love. We are ready to welcome the baby. I have this to say to my baby: Come to this world soon! The world is beautiful.”

Horrible Morning Sickness
“I was hit with a serious case of morning sickness at six weeks into my pregnancy. The term “morning sickness” is terribly misleading as I felt sick right from the break of dawn till the evening. I had to endure the odd bout of queasiness through the day and it did not subside till week 16. Certain smells such as grease smells from kitchen cooking or a whiff of perfume would trigger nausea and actually cause me to vomit. During those days, it was not uncommon for me to vomit about 6 to 8 times a day. It wasn’t easy managing morning sickness with work and everyday activities. At times, I worried if my baby was absorbing nutrients to keep the pregnancy going. I lost a total of 4kg from this ordeal.”

Strong Support Network
“Thankfully, my partner is empathetic and sensitive to my needs. Both our parents have been supportive and encouraging throughout my pregnancy. As this will be the first grandchild for my parents-in-law, they are generous with care and love, and I appreciate how they have walked through my pregnancy journey with me.
I am also blessed with a close colleague who is a fellow sufferer of severe morning sickness. Talking to her helped me feel less alone. I am grateful that my bosses were very understanding during that period I was struggling to cope with morning sickness. My gynaecologist was also very encouraging: she shared with me that feeling sick is a good sign that the placenta has developed well and that my pregnancy hormones are working well to keep my pregnancy going. She advised me to eat whatever I can manage no matter how limited my food choices are and to stay positive.”

My HOT Husband
“Being pregnant definitely allowed me to see a change in my husband. He has been very involved with all the check-ups I have to go for. He built up his knowledge on pregnancy nutrition and cooks my meals to ensure I have a well-balanced diet with the essential vitamins as well as iron and calcium. He also learns from extensive readings on the internet and conversations with his colleagues who are experienced mothers. He spends the weekends doing household chores and getting the baby room ready to welcome the little one. With him, my life as a pregnant mother is nothing short of wonderful. Now, I will tell him, “You are truly a ‘HOT’ husband (i.e. Hands-on and Terrrific)!”

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