Pregnancy Diary: News of the Pregnancy

Trang Nguyen, 32 weeks pregnant with her second child, a girl

“My husband and I did plan to have our second child this year so that our kids’ age gap will not be too much different. However, when I found out that I was pregnant, it was still a surprise to us, because we did not expect our second child to be conceived right after we stopped contraception. My second child will be the third grandchild of my parents-in-law and the second grandchild of my parents. All of them are excited about the new addition to our families. However, my two-year-old daughter does not seem to be aware of the situation. I guess she can only better appreciate what is happening when the baby is born and when she becomes an elder sister.”

Different the Second Time Round
“There are many changes for me this time. I was pregnant with my first daughter only after three months of marriage. At that time, my husband and I were still living together with my in-laws and I was not working, so I had lots of time to care for my first child. Now, we have our own house and I have been working full-time for the past two years. Even though I still have lots of help from my parents-in-law and husband, there are still many things for me to do like taking care of my daughter and doing household chores.”

Coping with the Second Pregnancy
“As this is my second pregnancy, I do not take too many precautions when doing things I usually do. I always try to keep myself active and fit. But as my tummy has gotten bigger, it has become a bit difficult for me to squat and bend down. I have to ask for assistance. At work, I try not to carry anything too heavy or would ask my colleagues for help. At home, I ask my husband to help me more with cleaning the house or chasing after our very active two-year-old daughter. My gynaecologist told me to take supplements such as folic acid, fish oil and calcium since I don’t drink milk every day. Other than that, I just eat as per normal, but I reduce my daily coffee and tea intake and avoid uncooked food.  
During the first few months, I could not stand strong smells, especially that from fried food. I took some ginger sweets or drank ginger tea to help curb my morning sickness. I don’t normally eat spicy food, but for the first few months of the pregnancy, I loved to eat spicy food like Korean or Thai food and would add lots of chili to my meal. However, because of that, many pimples developed on my forehead and body. So, I had to restrict myself, drink more water and take more fruits and vegetables. My skin has also become drier with the pregnancy and I have to apply cream after every shower. I use cocoa butter to keep my skin moisturised as well as to prevent stretch marks.”

Looking Forward to Baby’s Birth
“I do have mixed feeling sometimes as I think I am not ready to look after two kids at the same time, but I am also excited that we are soon going to have another baby in the house. There will definitely be more work for me and my husband: feeding baby at night, putting the two kids to sleep at different timings, giving equal attention to both of them and so on.”

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