Pregnancy Diary: Getting All Excited

Wai Siou Fang, 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby, a boy

“I felt very happy when I found out that I was pregnant because my husband and I have waited for a long time and our baby was finally on the way. We planned to have children after we got married but each month, we were disappointed. I told the good news to my husband immediately and he was so excited. It doesn’t matter to us whether we have a boy or a girl as long as our child grows up healthily and happily. Since my baby will be the first grandchild of my in-laws, his family is especially thrilled to learn about my pregnancy. Both our families have prepared a lot of baby stuff for my son to welcome him. “

An Uncomfortable Pregnancy
“I didn’t feel very well during my pregnancy and felt I really suffered for the first five months. My appetite changed drastically. Then, I was very scared to brush my teeth every morning because I would surely vomit. At night after dinner, I would also vomit all the food I ate. I got tired easily too, so I usually slept very early. When sleeping, my legs would cramp frequently. Besides resting whenever I can, I also take tonic.
I take public transport to and from work daily and am thankful for the priority seats on board. As I am unable to stand and walk for long periods of time, I tend to go out less. My family didn’t let me do any of the housework too. I must say they made me feel like a queen during my pregnancy! Workwise, I try not to get myself overly stressed and try to go home early if possible.”

Preparing for the Baby’s Arrival
“My husband and I are getting very excited to meet our son. We are counting down every day. The anticipation of starting a life journey with my baby boy and being able to see him grow up healthily will be the greatest joy for me. With his arrival, I foresee that I will not get enough of my beauty sleep as I intend to breastfeed him.
With more time on my hands now, I can choose the hospital to deliver in and pack my hospital bag. I have also been learning about the labour process. I am Malaysian and I live and work in Singapore. After my son is born, he will stay in Johor Bahru (JB) with my mother, who will help me take care of him. I will then travel back to JB every Friday night to visit them.”

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