Decluttering 101: The Preparation

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Planning to declutter and organise your kid’s room? Find out what you need to do to prepare before getting started.



Have kids and be organised? It’s almost an impossibility. Especially when they are young. Some parents just chill and let go and some can’t even stand to see a toy out of place. For those somewhere in between, here are some tips to help the ‘organiser’ in you get going. 


What do I need to Prepare Before Starting to Organise and Declutter the Room?

Nathalie Ricaud, a professional organiser from Get Organised & Beyond gives a few pointers for you to consider:


Decide whether and how much to involve your child in the organising process

If you don’t want to involve her because she’s too young, ask her which are her five favourite toys or her five favourite clothes that you shouldn’t be discarding. Children have a good memory and you certainly don’t want to make them feel resentful towards you because you got rid of something that was precious to them.


Plan your time

Decide whether you are going to tackle this project at one go or whether you are going to break it down into smaller and more manageable tasks for you. You could decide for example to declutter clothes, books, toys, schoolwork, artwork etc. on separate days.


Decide what you are going to do with things you aren’t going to keep

Are you going to toss them, keep them as hand-me-downs for a younger sibling or the next baby, donate, give away or sell? Having clarity on your disposal options can motivate you to get rid of more – whether it’s the knowledge that they won’t end up in a landfill, that they’ll have a second life or that you’ll make money out of them.


Gather organising aids

Get large baskets or containers to sort things out and sturdy garbage bags for items to be disposed of. Also, some cleaning products if it’s been a while since you last cleaned the closets.



It will be good to know what you plan to have in the room and plan the

layout in advance, advises Kris Tan, organising expert from

The Declutter Company Singapore.



Setting a budget for the organising storage tools is the first step. One way is to look at what you have and then decide what else you need to add to. Reviewing ideas from the internet is also a perfect way to fast track your planning.

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