Parenting Achievements to Look Forward to

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Parents, pat yourselves on the back when you have achieved these milestones.

Bag It

Your little one won’t remain little forever and pretty soon you’ll find you won’t need to be lugging around a huge diaper bag and everything that goes into it wherever you go. When that day comes it’s time to celebrate because you can now carry something that doesn’t weigh you down and looks a whole lot cuter. You’ll also soon realise that you can surprisingly hold quite a bit of things in a much smaller bag. From wipes to an extra set of clothes, a water bottle and even a few random toys…the skills we mums have!


Diaper Duty

It’s one thing to change your baby’s diaper when you’re out but dealing with a messy diaper in public is quite the challenge. Sure, there are diaper changing rooms in most malls but an exploding mess which has somehow made itself known by creeping up on your baby’s clothes is not something you want to deal with when you’re home and definitely not when you’re out. But mums, it happens to all of us and we just learn to deal.


I Said No!

The time will also come when you probably have to discipline your child in public or amidst family and friends. And I can tell you that you are likely to have an audience who if you’re lucky, will not intervene or try to diffuse the situation.



But no matter the company, correcting your child on his bad behaviour is

a big deal, especially for first-time parents. But again, as parents, we learn to deal and

handle it the best way we can, and for that, you should be proud.



I Can Do it!

Another proud parenting milestone is when your child insists on showing you how independent he’s become by doing things himself. From putting on his shoes and dressing himself to visiting the loo and putting away his toys without any help from mummy – these moments put smiles on our faces and we know that we’ve done something right. Job well done, mums!


Need Anything, Mummy?

Another way your child exerts his independence is by not only doing things for himself but for you as well. As your child grows up, he’ll probably be able to help himself to a snack or two or even a drink (with your permission of course) but it’s when he offers to get one for you too or to help you out with whatever you may be busy with at that time that is sure to leave you with a big and grateful grin. 


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