5 Milestones You’ll Reach as a Parent

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While we celebrate our child’s first steps, smile and words, don’t forget that we, as parents experience our very own milestones too.

The moment your child utters her first word, the moment she takes her first steps over to you, the moment she smiles up at you – these milestones are definitely to be celebrated with lots of clapping and shouts of joy, and of course, a pat on the back for mum and dad too! But while we’re always ready to celebrate our child’s numerous milestones, we as parents go through a multitude of milestones too and they mean a lot more than we sometimes realise. Let’s take a look at some milestone moments we should be proud of as parents.


Leaving on a Jet Plane

This one’s a big deal for most mums and dads. Boarding the plane and making it through the journey without the little one having a meltdown or trying to keep it together if the little one does act out is not for the faint-hearted. But while the thought of the journey may send shivers down your spine, packing the bags and not forgetting anything is a whole other challenge. Needless to say, most family vacations go pretty smoothly and in time you’ll learn to pack your bags without including the entire nursery.


When You Stop Breastfeeding

This is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make as a breastfeeding mum but somehow, somewhere along the way, you know that it’s yet another milestone to overcome. Breastfeeding has always been seen as the perfect bonding opportunity but that doesn’t mean the bonding has to end when your breastfeeding journey does. There are plenty of other ways to spend time with your bub and make even more memories.



Take a walk around your neighbourhood, join a mummy and child yoga class

or simply wind down at the end of the day with a bedtime story.

Know that it’s not about how much time you spend

with your child but how you spend it with them.



Sing It

When you become a parent, chances are you’ll be able to memorise quite a number of nursery rhymes in no time – some you may have not even heard of till a few months ago. Anything to keep the little bub entertained, to stop the tears from flowing or to make the car ride a little more bearable, right? So, all together now…Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground…


When Your Bub Needs His Feed

Whether you’re using a nursing shawl or not, breastfeeding in public, especially for the first time, can feel a little uncomfortable but when your bub needs to feed, he needs to feed. So mums who’ve been there and done that, well done! It’s probably a matter of time but it’s a milestone most mums cross – you can’t hide in a nursing room forever.


Heading Out

No dad. No grandma. No grandpa. No helper. Just you and your baby braving the big world all alone. If you think you can’t handle a trip down Orchard Road, how about taking a walk in the nearby park first? While this may not seem as overwhelming as a family vacation, remember you’re all alone with no one to turn to for help so kudos to you for crossing this milestone.


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