The Shelf: Books to Get Now!

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Looking to add more books to your bookshelf? Check out what’s new this month.

Lonely Planet Kids: First Words

Planning on teaching your kids a foreign language in preparation for your next trip? Reach for the three new books from Lonely Planet Kids and pick up French, Spanish and get them acquainted with even more words in the English language. Each book contains 100 travel-related words and its colourful illustrations make learning fun. Want more? Scan the QR code stickered on the book’s back cover for a free audio pronunciation guide.


Dinosaurs in the Supermarket

By Timothy Knapman and Sarah Warburton

If you look closely enough you might just see a dinosaur or two peeking at you. There is a Triceratops squirting chocolate sauce and Hadrosaurs scoffing cake, leaving a huge mess behind. What will this little boy do when the supermarket is destroyed and the dinosaurs are nowhere to be seen?


Who Ate the Cake?

By Kate Leake

Mum’s knitting, Dad’s daffodils and Gran’s tea set are just some of the things that have gone missing and everyone can’t help but blame Bob the dog. But did Bob really eat them? Or could it be a pesky pelican that’s been hiding in the house without anyone’s knowledge?


Your Preschooler Bible

Get the tools you need on bringing up your preschooler in today’s society. Dr Richard Woolfson, a child psychologist and expert in child development, provides level-headed, practical advice to help parents navigate the preschool years successfully, making it that much easier to raise happy and confident child.


Daily Cooking with Delishar

By Sharon Lam

Author of popular cooking blog, Sharon Lam, shares with us 45 scrumptious recipes that the whole family is sure to love. From one-pot meals for busy mums such as chicken fajita wraps and kung bao chicken pasta to all-time favourites such as teriyaki-glazed salmon and curry chicken, you are in for a treat.

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