Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Mums

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With your days filled ferrying your kids from one place to another or meeting deadlines, it can get a tad challenging to sit and have a healthy meal. MH shows how you can get all the nutrition you need every day.


We all know the importance of healthy eating but when your days are filled with sending the kids to school while ticking off your own to-do list, it is often forgotten. But with a little planning, it can be done.

See No Evil, Buy No Evil, Eat No Evil
Flee from temptation – stay away from processed food. When you go to the grocery store, try skipping the snacks, chocolates, sweets, soft drinks, frozen processed food aisles completely. Instead, focus on the fresh and wholesome foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats) sections. Wholefoods refer to foods that only have one ingredient and are natural. If you pick something up in the supermarket and there are more than two or three things listed as the ingredients that you cannot pronounce or have never heard of, chances are you should not be eating it.

Recognise how food and emotions are intertwined. Set aside time to eat your meals and do not wait till you are famished before you eat as you will very likely overeat. Do not use food as a source of comfort when you are feeling stressed, depressed or bored.
Get acquainted with superfoods and load up your grocery carts with them! While there is no official scientific definition of a superfood, it is generally acknowledged that superfoods contain high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. They are good sources of antioxidants – substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent diseases. The array of superfoods includes Kale, Avocado, Coconut Oil, Salmon, Acai, Blueberries, Kelp, Chia Seeds, Maca Powder, Tumeric, and Kefir.

If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating, you may wish to take supplements like folic acid, calcium, multivitamins and fish oil to ensure that you get adequate nutrition every day.

Social Media Camaraderie
Birds of the same feather flock together. With the advent of technology and social media, there is plenty of camaraderie you can find out there to live a life of clean wholesome eating. Get connected with like-minded groups on social media for inspiration on recipes and lifestyle habits to make this lifelong resolution sustainable! If you constantly see mouth-watering pictures of clean foods on your Facebook or Instagram feeds, chances are you will be motivated to nourish your body with wholesome foods and believe that this lifestyle is indeed attainable.
Getting ourselves and our family to eat clean, wholesome, nutritious food is undeniably one of the most challenging tasks facing us today. It will take time to make changes to your regular diet and it will take great commitment to stick by it. But rest assured that after the initial few weeks, it will become your routine and your body will be hooked to the bursting energy and clarity. Your body will love how it feels and you will never want to go back to your old ways of eating!

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