Our Favourite 5 Surprise Games Kids (and Parents) Can Play on Google Search

Category: Mums Corner

Remember games such as Pacman and Snake? Play them on Google now!

Did you grow up playing games such as Pacman and Snake? Games that we likely spent hours on? Play them on Google now simply by searching for them.





Are you able to make your way through the maze and eat all the Pac-Dots while escaping the deadly multi-coloured ghosts? Go on and relive childhood memories or introduce your kids to how video games used to be like in the past!





Let’s see just how long you can get the snake to be without leading it into a wall or eating your own tail!


Atari Breakout



Here’s another blast from the past! Your mission? Destroy all the blocks with the help of the ball. How long will it take you?


Fidget Spinner



Now, here’s something your kids are sure to know! Give it a spin and see how fast you can go!


“I’m feeling Curious”



Feel like gaining some general knowledge and bits of trivia? Type “I’m feeling curious” in the Google search bar and you’ll get randomly generated faction that is sure to keep you occupied for hours on end.

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