[Online Exclusive] Donate a Photo with the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ Campaign

Category: Mums Corner

Capture your precious ones in action and donate a photo with the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ Campaign now.


JOHNSON'S® celebrates 125 years with the launch of the ‘Social Snaps That Help’ campaign – in collaboration with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH).



To do your part and donate a photo, all you have to do is to share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #BetterWorldForBabies. Take a photo of the little ones, the family or even of something that motivates people to do good – just don’t forget to keep your profile public.



For every photo shared, $1 will be donated to the KKH Health Fund so go ahead, do your part to help needy patients who are in need of financial assistance for their medical treatments as well as help support education, research and disease prevention programmes targeted at women’s and children’s health in Singapore.


With the campaign which runs till the end of August 2018, JOHNSON'S® and KKH want to give back to these families with an end goal of raising a maximum of SGD $20,000. So go on, give us your best shot!




Thanks for sharing!