The Shelf: Books to Get This Month

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Discover what the animals are wearing today or learn about friendship and more with this month’s picks.



On the Move: Jobs

In this lift-the-flap book, get your child acquainted with the different jobs and vehicles around the city. Which vehicle is needed to dig a deep hole? What should a vet drive to transport a horse back to the farm? Lift the flaps to find out!



The Storm Whale

By Benji Davies

Noi and his dad live by the sea. But Noi is spends his days alone as his dad is often away for work. One day, a whale washes up on the beach and they develop a bond that will soon change their lives forever.



We Found a Hat

By Jon Klassen

So what happens when two turtles come across a hat – a hat that looks good on both of them and a hat that they both want. But there is only one hat. Written by Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen, this simple story is sure to evoke sympathy and laughs from your little ones. 



Giraffe and Frog

By Zehra Hicks

Have little ones who do not listen? Frog knows exactly how you feel! When Giraffe and Frog decide to spend a day at the beach, Giraffe heads off in the wrong direction and refuses to stop to listen to Frog. Will they make it to their destination?



We Wear Pants

By Katie Abey

Have you ever seen an octopus in a coat? Or how about a giraffe in a scarf? Turn the pages and find your favourite animals all dressed up in this book full of hilarious and colourful illustrations. What will the animals be wearing today?





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