Stress Busters for Busy Mums

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You’re running late and your baby is bawling away. Junior refuses to eat his lunch and the phone’s been ringing off the hook all morning. Before you scream your top off, try these sanity-saving tips.


Take Deep Slow Breaths

Deep breathing calms the body, which in turn placates the churning mess in our already cluttered minds. In addition to reducing stress, taking deep, slow breaths is also believed to dramatically help reduce blood pressure and lower the heart rate. So the next time you feel stressed, close your eyes and practice breathing in and out from the abdomen. Inhale for a count of four and then exhale for a count of seven. Make sure your belly moves in and out during this process.


Focus on the Now

Direct your full and undivided attention to the present. That is, let go of the past and stop looking so far into the future that you don’t see what’s happening right under your nose. So, instead of worrying about your next appointment, direct your energy towards soothing your crying tot and getting junior to finish his food.


Schedule Some ‘Me’ Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, the simple lesson of enjoying solitude is one that many of us have forgotten. ‘Me’ time is important as it gives us the opportunity to sort our thoughts and to relax.



Get out your calendar and schedule into each day something

simple that you would enjoy doing and make a commitment

to do whatever you have scheduled.



Learn to Meditate

Practising just twenty minutes of meditation a day can help us to remain calm during taxing situations. For those who have never tried meditation before, there are plenty of books available for loan at the library. To get in the mood, do also play some relaxation music in the background.



Many studies have proven that laughter not only reduces the amount of stress hormones produced by our body but also boosts the body’s immune system. So the next time you start feeling frazzled, just picture something ridiculous that is bound to make you laugh.

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