The Shelf: Books to Read with Your Kids Now

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Whether it’s just before bedtime or if you’re waiting for your meal at a restaurant, these books are sure to get a giggle or two. There’s even one that’s perfect for the upcoming holidays.



Muffins for Mummies

By Adam & Charlotte Guillain and Lee Wildish


The cakes at the museum café have gone missing. Where could they have gone and who could have taken them? Was it the Roman or the woolly mammoth? Or maybe it was the mummy from the ancient Egypt display?



Du Iz Tak

By Carson Ellis


Entirely written in bug language, Du Iz Tak tells the story of what happens when a tiny shoot unfurls in the backyard. What do the bugs go? Build a tree fort of course! But soon, something horrible happens! Oh no! With exquisitely detailed illustrations discover just how the bugs try to survive in their wild world.



Lonely Planet Kids: Around the World in 5O Ways


Travel the world with the help of this choose-your-own travel adventure book. Start out on your journey in London and pick your next destination and then try and make it back. Take a tuk-tuk or hop on a sled and explore colourful cities, sandy beaches, winter wonderlands and a whole lot more! It’s time to go on an adventure! 



Penguin Problems

By Jory John and Lane Smith


Meet the little penguin who isn’t too happy where he is – the sun is too bright, the ocean is too salty, his fellow penguins all look the same and he can’t tell them apart. But when he bumps into a walrus, he realises that maybe things are not so bad after all and that he is exactly where he’s  meant to be.



Don’t Wake the Yeti

By Claire Freedman and Claudia Ranucci


Shhh…if you find a yeti under your bed, don’t wake it and don’t be alarmed. They’re friendly and cuddly and are terribly rare. Learn how to feed a yeti, prepare him a bath or what to expect when you take him out shopping.






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