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Nouri Face & Body Concepts is helmed by Valerie De Costa, aged 41. The company is renowned for their pregnancy care services, including jamu post natal massages, since 2001.


For most of us who have ever had a massage, you would most definitely agree that the sensation of strong steady hands working out the kinks and knots in your tense body to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated is an unbeatable experience. There really is something to be said about massages, isn't there? What’s more, pampering yourself with massages don't have to stop — especially if you have just welcomed a little one into your family. Engaging a post natal massage is common amongst women in Singapore.


So to all the new mums out there, where do you head to when you need a little TLC? We have the answer right here. Nouri Face & Body Concepts (Nourifbc) is one of the most well-known pregnancy and beauty care centres in Singapore, providing prenatal massages and post natal massages for both segments of mothers who have given birth naturally and via C-section.


Their results-driven programmes for mothers seeking to lose weight has garnered many a positive, if not the most, 5 stars ratings on Google from both the local community and customers from Dubai, Brunei, France, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


The founder of Nouri Face & Body Concepts, Valerie De Costa, a mother of three teenage boys, is one of the strongest proponents of post natal massages using only organically formulated creams and recipes. She has spent the past 20 years in the health and wellness industry, namely beauty and pregnancy care, and runs a team of certified therapists who are specially trained to serve mothers.


Having benefited from good confinement practices using her family’s secret organic Peranakan jamu recipes that were handed down by her grandmother, Valerie understands the intricate needs of both expectant mums and mothers in confinement. She is committed and dedicated to curating effective weight loss packages and easy to prepare confinement food menus so that women on-the-go can get healthy, energetic, fit and ready to face the challenges that come with motherhood.


Contrary to popular beliefs, post natal massages are not only suitable for those who have gone through a natural birth. Valerie strongly recommends that women promptly engage post natal massages for:

  • the recovery of trauma to the womb from abortions
  • to recuperate from a miscarriage
  • the removal of trapped wind from caesarean births (commonly known as C-section delivery)
  • effective weight loss during the confinement period
  • weight loss, reshaping the contours of the body for those who are within the three-year post delivery period
  • those who had given birth before, had not sought proper post natal massages or had experienced ineffective methods from another establishment
  • women who have previously not obtained results from freelance masseuses


Restoring Your Body and Mind

Besides soothing aching muscles and tired limbs, a post natal massage helps mums to regain their body shape by toning up a flaccid womb which has lost its shape, tone and elasticity during pregnancy. Other benefits include improving lactation, relieving back aches caused by poor posture during lactation, reducing residual water retention from the pregnancy, clearing lochea, hydrating the skin that is devitalised from breastfeeding and minimising bloat of the belly.


And did you know that post natal massages do not only work wonders physically? Post natal massages also have a hand in preventing post natal depression too. Post natal depression is on the rise amongst women due to the stressful and hectic lifestyle in Singapore.


Without a doubt, post natal massages effectively refresh the minds, bodies and spirits of mothers.


What to Expect


At Nourifbc, clients feel relaxed and comfortable during the consultations where recommendations and suggestions are made for them in a customised plan that is tailored to their precise needs, without any hard selling.


Before Treatment

Mums are recommended to go for post natal massages at least three times a week in order for them to see definite results. Valerie explains in great details about the preparatory process, “Before any post natal massage takes place, I will provide a detailed consultation to better understand each individual customer’s expectations, in order to best recommend the most suitable method of treatment.


To ensure that results are consistent, the customers’ measurements are taken before the treatment commences.


After the consultation, detailed measurements of the customer’s waist, hips, thighs and arms are taken before the post natal massage so that the team at Nourifbc is able to track the customer’s progress before and after each treatment session during the course of the programme.”


During Treatment

The first treatment technique is a Peranakan slimming scrub massage that uses a formula derived from various herbs.


Nourifbc 's Peranakan body scrub recipe allows the ingredients from the handmade jamu oils to be better absorbed by the body.


This essential step provides deep but gentle exfoliation which helps to reduce skin pigmentation and stretch marks caused by the pregnancy, promotes lymphatic drainage to assist the body in the elimination of toxins which causes fluid retention and prepares the body for the rest of the slimming treatment so that the organic post natal massage oils are better absorbed by the body.


A thermal blanket is applied during select sessions to rid the body of fluid retention which adds to weight gain.


Next, Nourifbc presents a unique thermal slimming method whereby the customer is covered by a thermal heating pad. It is gentle, comfortable and helps the body to lose fluid retention which had been built up during the pregnancy and confinement period. Mums feel refreshed after this step of the treatment. Stubborn curves are warmed up, thus allowing the ingredients from the customised jamu oils used to be better absorbed.


Pioneered by Nourifbc since 2001, another technique used in the post natal massages is an advanced method of post natal slimming massage that uses vibration therapy for the abdomen, arms, backs hips and thighs. This outstanding technique for post natal weight loss marries modern technology and traditional jamu herbs, providing 50 times the power of a generic manual Javanese massage, effectively working on all the subcutaneous fats which have been accumulated from binge eating habits during pregnancy, ensuring the body of inch loss. This slimming treatment is very intensive, highly effective and produces efficient results for mums seeking to be ready for the workforce or simply to lose weight and recuperate.  


Nouri Face & Body Concepts' jamu post natal massage is a results-oriented treatment that provides intensive slimming for the abdomen and has won them many a review from mothers in Singapore


The vibration therapy pays special focus on the abdominal area as mums often experience bloat, flatulence, stretch marks, darkened patches, enlarged intestines and a distended womb. A strong herbaceous formula that is specially designed for this area to aid in the concerns mentioned above is spread on the tummy during the vibration massage. This helps in the slimming effects on the tummy, re-aligns the womb and prevents a prolapsed uterus.


Nourifbc combines traditional jamu herbal massage with state of the art machines to maximise results.


Lastly, Nourifbc offers radiant detox therapy to reduce internal dampness in one’s body. Not sure what is internal dampness? Well, post natal internal body dampness can be thought of as the condition of "high humidity" inside the body and occurs after childbirth. It can surface in several parts of the body of a mum who has recently undergone childbirth. It causes fatigue, swelling of the eyes, heaviness in the body and the inability to lose weight. The radiant detox therapy helps to eliminate dampness, provides warmth throughout the muscles, effectively allowing the products used in the jamu massage to be better absorbed and performed efficiently.


After Treatment

Mums who engage Nouri Face & Body Concepts for their post natal massages are sure to experience both psychological and physical benefits. Besides feeling refreshed, revived with a greater sense of wellbeing, mums also reported that their skin feels hydrated, tummy bloat is reduced and their body feels toned. Mums also learn to better manage their health, attain visible inch loss, regain their fitness and attain a renewed sense of confidence so that they perform better as a mother, wife, daughter and co-worker.


No Restrictions

Valerie also advises that it is better to get your post natal massage as early as possible after delivery and dispels the notion that having a caesarean birth rules out post natal massages. “In fact, you can start treatment as soon as three days after natural delivery and seven days after a caesarean birth. For mums who have had a C-section delivery, they need to be aware of the fact that their bodies are weakened by surgery, trap more wind and internal dampness than a mother who has delivered naturally. Education and support are also necessary for helping them recover safely. A specially designed massage technique, unique only to Nourifbc, is safely administered by our therapists who specialise in post caesarean jamu massage. They (the therapist) will ensure that the treatment is performed safely and effectively whilst respecting the caesarean wound on the tummy area,” she says.


See Visible Results

With many years of experience under her belt, Valerie shares, “In the course of my career, we have met many women who have unwittingly engaged freelance masseuses who provide door to door services for post natal massages, unaware of the disappointment that follows. While these home massage services may offer competitive rates, they use products which are not organic and not tested by HSA. This contradicts the philosophy of jamu natural therapy. Our clients’ feedback about engaging the other post natal massage operators was that they were sorely disappointed by the lack of results in their weight loss journey.”


The team at Nouri Face & Body Concepts works hand in hand —from measurements to completion to ensure maximum results.


The other reason for this is because these freelancers usually perform a one-size-fits-all generic Malay style massage method, which is limited in providing comprehensive care for the modern mum. As a result, working mothers are faced with very little time left till the maternity leave is over. Thus, urgently seeking the help of Nourifbc ’s proven methods as a last resort.


Our customers in Singapore are always satisfied with the jamu massage from Nourifbc, as they experience visible weight loss from the recommended programmes for post natal slimming.


Nourifbc’s customers in Singapore are always fully satisfied and on board with the recommended post natal slimming programme that Valerie has helped to set them up with as they experience visible weight and inch loss.


Getting Back into Action

On top of that, Valerie also has some great tips for a complete post natal recovery lifestyle.


For the busy mother on the go, there are no specific dietary restrictions, though she advocates adding warm spices to the diet such as ginger to reduce aches and pains, lemongrass to reduce water retention, white pepper to stimulate digestion, black pepper to prevent colds and prunes to aid in bowel movement. Also, mothers are encouraged to be more active after the confinement period by doing simple exercises such as taking brisk walks and practising yoga.


The customers of Nouri Face & Body Concepts enjoy an extra touch from Valerie. After a detailed consultation of the status of their health condition, she shares her expertise in preparing herbal concoctions and advises the specific foods to be consumed and avoided. She also works closely with the clients’ confinement nanny and caterer, personally designing a customised menu of confinement food so that they (the new mothers) can enjoy the benefits of a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients, helping increase milk flow, assisting them to recover fast and regaining lost energy from childbirth.


Clients are also taught exercises which Valerie herself had found effective after each of her three pregnancies. These simple techniques help reduce water retention and rebuild lost tone in the muscles. These exercises are suitable for mothers of all fitness levels, fun and easy to do in the comforts of one’s home while attending to the newborn.



Nouri Face & Body Concepts are appointments based only.

They provide post natal massage treatments in their salon and travel to client’s homes too.


Visit their website to instantly book your appointments now.

Nouri Face & Body Concepts

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Tel: 62948106

Website: Nouri Face & Body Concepts



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