Family Friend Neighbourhood Malls

Category: Mums Corner

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ms Low Yen Ling taking a look at of the family-friendly amenities (Kiddy Rides placed outside Timezone), during her site visit earlier today at Compass Point Shopping Centre.


From 1 October 2014, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will offer a special grant to neighbourhood malls to offer them financial help in creating a holistic and family-friendly space for shoppers and their families. This is just one of the initiatives by MSF to make neighbourhood malls a place where families can shop and hang out in comfort. 
The grant aims to cover the costs of introducing family-friendly infrastructure, amenities and services. Improved Infrastructure like easy access to and within the malls such as safe pick-up and drop-off points are some of the suggestions. Amenities like nursing rooms, family lounge areas and child-and-elder-friendly restrooms are also in the works, with safely concerns also being a priority. 
The family experience is also enhanced with more children play areas and family fun corners to be set up. The frontline staff will also undergo special training so that they able to anticipate and handle the needs of family with younger children, the disabled and the elderly. 




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