Planning the Perfect Playroom: Furniture and the Final Touches

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Complete your perfect playroom with these ideas!



From furniture to accessories, make the playroom your own with these simple ideas.


Must-have Furniture

The basics your child’s playroom should have are a desk and chair where she can sit at to do her activities like arts and crafts or playing teatime. Put in bookshelves where your child can arrange her story books. You might want to keep the shelves low enough so your child will be able to reach for her books herself. An important tip: ensure your child’s playroom furniture is sturdy and of good quality. You don’t want the furniture breaking while your child is using them. If there are any furniture that are over the height of your knee, secure them to the walls to prevent them from falling over. Young kids love to climb onto anything they can get their hands and feet on, so making sure your child’s playroom is in tip-top shape in terms of safety will reduce the risk of potential injury.


Storage Areas

Of course, having a playroom isn’t an excuse for your child to leave everything in a mess after she is done playing. It is essential to teach your child to clean up after herself at the end of the day.



You can prepare baskets or boxes where your child can store her things in

when she is done playing with them. Label these boxes with the items they are designated for

such as art supplies, games, toys etc. so your child knows where everything should go.



Try to find colourful storage supplies or ones with fun prints on them, so the cleaning part of the day won’t seem like such a chore to your little one.


Wall Décor

Jazz up your child’s playroom by adding some wall accessories. Put up the artwork your child created as well as framed pictures of your family, hang pretty fairy lights, or paste some wall decals. As your child grows older, you can change up the wall décor to suit your child’s evolving tastes and preferences.



Ensure your child’s playroom has sufficient lighting so your child can get on with her activities comfortably. Go for ceiling lights like recessed lighting. Avoid table lamps if you can as your child might end up playing with the wires or tripping over them.


A Space for Grown-Ups

You might still want to watch over your child while she is spending time in her playroom, so create an area where you can do your own thing while keeping an eye on your little one at the same time. Place a comfy armchair or sofa in the corner of the room, and keep a few books of your own you can read while your child is playing. 



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