Tech Mums: Awesome Apps for Your Child’s Well-Being

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Your parenting journey just got a tad bit easier with these useful health and educational apps.


Philips Avent uGrow

Available for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


Philips Avent has launched uGrow, the world’s first medical baby app that aims to provide parents with curated information and expert advice to help them stay on top of their baby’s development. Parents can use the app to keep track of their baby’s vital statistics and growth, feeding schedule, number of diaper changes, as well as sleep cycles. Through the app, parents will be notified of any irregularities in the pattern of data recorded, and receive advice tailored to their baby’s age and developmental needs from breastfeeding, sleep and developmental psychology experts. Plus, the app is able to connect with different devices such as the Philips Avent Smart Ear Thermometer, which allows parents to track their baby’s temperature so they will stay updated on any significant changes in their baby’s well-being.



Available for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


With the myopia rates in Singapore being one of the highest globally, along with the rising usage of smart devices, it is essential for parents to take early preventative measures in lowering their child’s risk of developing myopia. In comes plano®, a parental management app and myopia screening tool founded by senior researcher and entrepreneur, Dr Mo Dirani, and developed with the help of Singapore National Eye Centre. plano® enables parents to stay on top of their child’s smart device habits by keeping track of how often and how much time they spend on these devices, which apps are being used, as well as the distance at which they hold the device. The app will also aid in detecting reduced vision in children early on, and provide both parents and children with information on ways to improve their usage of smart devices.



Lite version available for free on iTunes App Store

Full version available for $6.98 on iTunes App Store


YouTube may be a treasure trove of educational videos to keep the little ones entertained while learning, but the non-interactive element of YouTube videos makes it hard to figure out if the kids are really gaining knowledge from what they are watching. To solve this dilemma, Portugal-based edtech startup, Magikbee, has launched kiddZtube. This video-quiz app features a wide variety of YouTube videos that have been chosen and curated by teachers, ensuring all the content is both educational and safe for preschoolers. The teachers have made the videos more interactive for children by adding questions that allow them to learn different topics including spelling, colours, emotions and more. Parents can keep track of their child’s progress too, as well as set the amount of time their child will be able to use the app.



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