Hospital Land

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Images courtesy of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Children in scrubs, taking on the role of little doctors and cleaning the wound of a patient suffering from burn injuries


For a group of young children from the Learning Centre programme of Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre (KKFSC), the visit to “Hospital Land” at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in honour of Children’s Day and the official opening of the hospital was an enriching and hands-on experience. 


The Children were guided by facilitators through five interactive booths where they were introduced into the fascinating world and the real-life job demands of a radiologist, a pharmacist and an optometrist. They were tasked to decipher PET-MRI scans, dispense medications at a make-believe pharmacy counter and evaluate a friend’s eyesight. They were even allowed into real hospital wards where they wore hospital scrubs and pretended to be a doctor for the day. 


It is fascinating to see so many young participants at Mount Elizabeth Novena ‘Hospital Land’ learning very quickly about the science and art of medicine. We hope to inspire children to a career in medicine, with the right values to heal and help the infirm,” said Dr Kelvin Loh, Chief Executive Officer of Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.


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