Planning the Perfect Playroom: Getting Started

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Create a space your little one will not want to leave with these playroom makeover ideas!



Have an extra room in your house you’re not entirely sure what to do with? How about turning it into a playroom for your little one! Designating a special room where your child can get busy with her own activities is a great way to provide her a space to be creative and just let loose. Plus, you’ll be able to contain all the inevitable mess to just one room of your house (or maybe not). If you need a bit of inspiration for playroom decoration ideas, check out our tips below to kickstart your playroom project.


Pick a Theme

If you’re unsure of where to start in the playroom makeover, begin by deciding on a theme for the playroom. You can then use this as a jumping off point to make the rest of your decisions. When deciding on a theme, consider your child’s likes and interests. If you have an animal-loving little one, you can decorate the walls of the playroom with an animal print wallpaper. Or paint the walls in earth-tone colours like green, reddish-brown, yellow or light blue, and accessorise with animal toys. If your child is interested in astronomy, put up a wall decal of the night sky, and hang fairy lights in the shape of stars on the wall or space mobiles off the ceiling.


Paint the Walls

If you want to keep it simple, paint the walls in just one colour or in different shades of that colour.



For a playroom that really pops when you enter it, go for bright and bold colours.

Ask your child what colours she would like her playroom to be in

– this is her own space, after all.



Chalkboard Wall

Have you ever left your child alone while she is playing and ended up finding the walls of your home filled with squiggly lines and random doodles? It can be frustrating when this happens, so why not give your child a specific area where she can do this to her heart’s content? Do this by creating a chalkboard wall in her playroom. You can either get a professional to create the chalkboard wall or give yourself a DIY project by painting the wall with chalkboard paint. If you’re not keen on having an entire chalkboard wall, consider just buying a regular chalkboard to put in the playroom. I’m not sure what it is about chalk, but writing and drawing with it is a whole lot more fun than using markers or coloured pencils.



When deciding on which type of flooring to choose for your child’s playroom, durability is definitely a top priority. If you’re opting for a hard surface floor, make sure it is scratch-proof like laminate. Comfort is an important factor too, so you might want to carpet the entire room or just place a rug in a certain section. If you choose to carpet the playroom, just be aware that it is going to get dirty and stain a lot more easily. Take note of the toxicity levels of certain types of flooring too. For instance, vinyl flooring has been found to contain at least one harmful chemical including lead and phthalates, which can pose health risks to children.


Create Different Zones

If the playroom is big enough, consider dedicating different areas of the room for specific activities. Creating different zones in the playroom will help keep things organised and prevents the playroom from getting too messy and chaotic. For example, create one area for arts and crafts, one for reading, one for play etc.



In the arts and crafts area, your child knows she can get as messy as she wants,

while the reading area will allow her to relax and delve into her books

without getting too distracted by her other toys and games.



A Quiet Space

While kids love to get wild and boisterous, they also like having their own private area where they can be by themselves and have some downtime. And any chance for them to pretend like they are independent adults is always a plus! You can put an indoor playhouse in your child’s playroom, or a teepee for something more whimsical. Up the comfort factor by placing a blanket on the floor and lining the space with fluffy cushions.



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