The Shelf: More Books to Read This Year

Category: Mums Corner

Here are even more books for the kiddos. Mums and dads, there's one for you as well!

Inside Out Parenting: How to Build Strong Children from a Core of Self-Esteem

By Dr Holan Liang

Raising confident children starts from understanding who they are, not what they do. With the experience of being a mother of two, Dr Liang provides parents with strategies to nurture in children – from the inside out – a healthy self-esteem so they grow up to be self-assured individuals.



Karung Guni Boy

By Lorraine Tan & Eric Wong

Not having enough money to buy materials for his inventions, Ming decides to become a karung guni man. He sets out collecting lots of unwanted things from his neighbours, and finally invents something that will help his neighbours too. What could it be?



Toddler’s World: ABC by Pat-a-Cake

With its colourful illustrations, this alphabet book makes learning the A to Zs fun for your little one. Plus, look forward to a foldout surprise at the end of the book!



Love Always Everywhere

By Sarah Massini

“Love quiet, love loud. Love shy, love proud.” Love is all around in this pictorial book! With its brightly-coloured illustrations, your little one can learn all the different kinds of love out there.



The Boy in the Whale Suit

By Marie Toh

This is one for the kids who feel a little out of place in this world. Kai doesn’t fit in anywhere, and nobody notices him either, despite him always being in a whale suit. But this doesn’t make Kai sad because he knows he’s unique in his own way.

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