The Shelf: Our Favourite Books This Month!

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Add these to your bedtime reading list now.


On the Move

By Pat-A-Cake

If you’re looking for your baby’s first book, look no further than On the Move. The vibrant colours of the illustrations, as well as the pull-tabs in the book will surely grab your little one’s attention in no time. 



Izzy Gizmo

By Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie

Izzy Gizmo loves to invent, but her creations don’t always work. One day, she finds an injured crow who can’t fly, so Izzy sets off to invent new wings for it. But no matter how hard she tries, the new wings can’t seem to work. What will Izzy do? Read this book to your kids to show them that failure is simply a means to success, and that sometimes they just have to keep on trying.



Secrets of Singapore: National Museum

By Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim

From Sang Nila Utama’s arrival in Temasek to modern-day Singapore, let Danger Dan and Gadget Girl teach your little ones the history of our nation by uncovering many hidden artefacts that reveal lots of information about Singapore’s past. Don’t worry about the kids being bored; the book’s humorous and conversational writing, as well as its illustrations, will keep them interested in learning all about our Lion City!



Poppy and the Blooms

By Fiona Woodcock

The last park in the city is closing, so Poppy and her flower friends decide to save it by spreading their magical petals all over the park to beautify it once more. Were they successful? This heartwarming story is a great read to show your little one that something small can still make a huge difference.



Don’t Wake Up Tiger!

By Britta Teckentrup

All the other animals need to get past Tiger, but she is in their way, fast asleep! What will the animals do? Can your little one help stroke Tiger’s nose, and rock Tiger gently to make sure she doesn’t wake up? This book’s interactive prose will make this a fun read for your junior!

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