Me-Time for Mummies

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The school holidays are here, and if you’re a stay-at-home mum, you’ll be spending a lot more time with your kids. Don’t forgo your me-time though; check out MH’s tips to help you unwind.



Is there a teeny, tiny part of you that dreads school holidays because you will be spending most of your time with your kids, which means less time for yourself? If you do, well, don’t feel bad – it is totally natural for you to want those precious “me-time” to stay intact. Mummies need to relax too, after all!


Bubble It Up

Running a warm bath and soaking in its bubbly goodness is a sure-fire way to help you unwind after a busy day with your little ones. Besides helping you to relax your mind, it may also help to relieve any muscle tension you may have. Keep a stash of bubble bath soaps or your preferred essential oils so you can have a bath whenever you have the time. Create a DIY spa experience by putting on some low, soothing music to really help you wind down.


Hit the Books

If you’re an avid reader but haven’t had the time to immerse yourself in a good book, now’s the time to get to it. Carve out some reading time for yourself within the day, such as after putting your kids to bed. This is a great bedtime routine for you too – make a cup of chamomile tea, settle into the couch or get under the warm covers of your bed, and lose yourself in the literary world.


Dance It Out

If your way to unwind is to shake and shimmy, then do just that! Blast your favourite tunes at home and dance it out. Grab your kids too and have a dance party with them. Sing along to the songs at the top of your lungs and use this time to really let go of your stresses – you will feel a whole lot better after that.



If you have a napping baby at home and can’t afford to

turn up the music, just plug into your earphones 

(put in just one side so you will still be able to keep a listening ear out for your baby) 

and let yourself loose.




You might feel a tad silly, and your other family members might look at you funny, but you will definitely feel great after all that shaking and grooving.


DIY Mani-Pedi

You might not have time to schedule an appointment for a manicure and pedicure during a hectic holiday month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself at home with a DIY mani-pedi. Your nails need some loving too, and sprucing them up with a makeover can make you feel all nice and pampered.


Go Outside

Being cooped up at home all day can get boring, so why not take a short break by going outside? You can bring your kids with you, or have your spouse take care of them if he is at home so you can have proper me-time. Take a walk in the park, breathe the fresh air, and try to take your mind off of your stresses and worries.


Catch Some ZZZs

This might seem obvious, but taking a nap is no doubt a great way to help you rest and recharge throughout the day. You might be tempted to settle your chores while your kids are taking their nap, but use that time for you to have a quick snooze too. Being tired throughout the day will not help you out either, especially during the school holidays, so don’t feel bad about getting some shut-eye. 


Girlfriends’ Day In

Invite your best friends over to your house and hang out with them. Have food delivered, pop on a chick-flick, and you’re on your way to some good relaxation time.



If your friends have kids too, plan some activities all the little ones can do together to keep them busy. You can then use this time to spend some quality time with your friends.



Sometimes, all the downtime you need is a heart-to-heart talk with your fellow mummy friends. Who else will understand your motherhood woes better than them?


Binge-watching Galore

Of course, we can’t forget this tried and tested downtime tip. What better way to switch off after a tiring day than by watching your favourite television show? Or put on that movie you’ve been wanting to watch when your kids are napping.

Not in the mood for television shows or movies? Check out the treasure trove of videos on YouTube – from watching cooking videos for meal inspirations to living vicariously through your favourite YouTubers’ vlogs – there is bound to be something up your alley to help you unwind.

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